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Major new feature - Behavior Bundles

edited January 2014 in Announcements

I just deployed an update with a significant new feature called "Behavior Bundles", and I would love to get some feedback.

Bundles are a replacement for the old "Prefab" behaviors, and the general idea is this:

1) Open the behavior window
2) Click open the "Behavior Bundles" section
3) Click "new Bundle" to create a new bundle

Once you have created a bundle, you can give it a name and drag logic nodes into it. If you drag a node into the bundle, that node, and all connected nodes will moved into that bundle. You can open the bundle up and edit the behaviors inside of it at any time, and bundles can be nested inside of each other.

Bundles that you create will be added to the behavior menu, so that you can add that bundle to other objects as well.

Bundles are good for:

* Organizing your logic into related blocks
* Creating reusable blocks of logic to add to multiple object, e.g. create an "enemy" bundle of behaviors to add to all your different "enemy" objects. This should reduce having to manually duplicate logic between objects that behave similarly.

This is the first version, so if anyone finds bugs please report them here on the forums, the orange feedback or email me directly at [email protected]


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