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Emulator behavior request

For the next minor update can you add a keyboard emulator node... This will help out mobile games! You could select a key just like the keyboard, but instead of pressing the actual button... As long as there is an input the node would be considered in its "down" phase, and when the input is cut, it would do the "up" thing... This way we don't have to do the messaging system and will make phone games easier than they already are!


  • Hey jngthree,

    Sorry, but I don't understand the request. Can you clarify a bit more?
  • @grazer, my idea is basically the keyboard behavior, but kinda different... If there is an input going in to the behavior, the button on the keyboard its set to is considered on...

    So if this behavior were added you could make some click fields and it could be set to D. So all "keyboard" behaviors will become active if set to D.
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