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Features I want

-A Search bar : It would let people find games better and faster
-Background Animations: To make the game seem more alive
-a NOT gate: a lot of stuff I want to make needs this for it to work
-a Mobile version: It's hard to find time to make/play flowlab games, so I want hem to be mobile friendly.


  • They already are mobile friendly- there's a "build mobile app" right now iPhone/iOS is still work in progress, but android is comparable.

    @grazer is considering BG animations and behaviors

    "Filters" are used as not gates, it takes variables that input in to it and then tests it to what it says, it's either pass or fail, but overall there always will be an output.

    It is possible to make a background with behaviors, simply add it to the first layer and then make everything else a second layer/third layer. Sadly parallax doesn't work with this..
  • NOT gates as in : If there's no input, make an output.

    Mobile version as in : making games on my phone
  • edited November 2015
    As far as making games on your phone, you could use puffin browser. I can make and play flowlab games on in. Although, it's a lot better if your phone actually has a bigger screen. It gives you an option for basic touch controls for any flash game and has a full screen option for any game as well, meaning a bigger screen gives more room to work. I downloaded puffin browser on my android and love it!
  • edited November 2015
    Oh, also a forum thing a started a little while ago (That I kinda forgot about) was an alphabetical list a flowlab games that I've been adding to it. Maybe I should update the thing but it does have some games put in it for you to search through.

    Click here to Search

    Also, if you mention your game in the forums or search a tag, the forum search bar can find some games, if the writers post links. I would also like an actual game search option with categories and stuff though.
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