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Music Straight From Computer

You should be able to upload music from your computer straight to your game

:) thankyou


  • That would mean grazer would have to pay for file hosting, and not only is that expensive, but people could upload pirated content and get the site in trouble. It's why sites like Megaupload and Thepiratebay were shut down by the FBI. Just upload music to other sites, like kiwi6 or something, and post the direct link.
  • mhx kiwi6 doesn't work u need a premium @grazer what did u use to make the music for the monkey game
  • Kiwi6? No you don't...
    Upload and direct link files for free.
    Free hotlinking for all files.
    Store up to 2GB free and share anywhere.
    Direct hotlink mp3s and build your own playlists.
    Embed music and images on any website.
    This is my link to my music for Diamondsion Assault:

    I don't have a premium account.
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