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Feature request

I am getting ready to start working on an RPG.
And so I figured we could start some sort of community prodject, that EVERYONE could work on, and if the edits are not irrelevant trolling, it would be verified! I don't know how the whole idea would be, but good enough.


  • I have thought about adding a collaboration feature quite a bit. Adding the basic feature would be relatively simple, but the part that would be tricky is dealing with conflicting changes. In other words, if multiple people are editing the same object or behaviors at the same time, how do the conflicting updates get resolved?
  • Merging
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • edited December 2015
    Or (ironically) the "group admin" editing the edits
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • My web Site, "the console" =

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