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Help Line.

I've found that you can create anything with this site. So, I'm looking to test this theory. If anyone needs a hand in making any idea come to life, pitch it to me. If your struggling to create something, i'll have a go at it. Here are some rigs that are ready to be used by anyone.

Saving Rig
Inventory Rig (Beta)


  • I would like to add upgrades to my ships. For instance, random power ups are emitted from destroyed objects and once collected, cause my ships weapons to change but the powerups will only last a short period of time... Ive been trying to wrap my head around this one. Heres my game. Hope you can help! Thanks @leonknighte
  • @Carter1990 what are the names of the powerups? Also, do you mean that after your ship has the powerup, it stops working after a short time, or it just disappears if not collected in time?

    Anyway, the easiest way for me to do what you want, is to have different weapons/bullets all linked through multiple switches. Every switch is initiated by the fire/attack button. When you collide with a powerup, it sends a message to the switch that's linked to that weapon to turn it on and turns all the other switches off. Tie an once trigger to the main weapon switch to have it on. All other switches are off. It's not the quickest way to accomplish that, but it's one that has worked for me.

    Now, the same concept can be applied to armor/shields. Except, there are multiple equations linked through switches that all tie to the health bar GUI. Basic armor on, the powerup turns on another equation, all other switches turn off. Every equation affects every A input.

    At least with multiple switch logic paths, and the player ship set to keep on level restart, no powerup you collect should up and disappear.
  • O gee man. You are a genius. Do you have a relatively simple explanation on how you did the cool scroll feature in Persecution? [I know I'm a little late, but still XD]
  • He hasn't said anything in quite a while. Probably moved to something else
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