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Integrate flowlab (or our app's high scores?) with Game Center app

edited February 2014 in Feature Requests
Once we release our app, is it possible to integrate it with Game Center?

Let's be honest, we all like competing with our friends. And so I think this would be a beneficial feature to implement, no?

However, this probably can be done outside of flowlab, and I am acknowledging that I am uninformed. If any admins are familiar with integrating Game Center with our apps, feel free to throw it out there.



  • Hm...
    Flowlab apps aren't really apps. They actually just copy the files from the website, like an embed. I would have to say, you would need to ask grazer to give you the raw code of your game in objective-c I believe, and then you would manually edit your online features from there. Afterwards, app it with xcode, then it wouldn't be connected to flowlab servers anymore, and would be an independent app.
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