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A 2-player game inspired by Super smash bros...



  • I'm not experienced enough for that kind of spriting yet O_o
    sorry for the inconvenience, but can you post the sprite up here? I don't think I can match that (I've still got a long way to go :wink:)
  • I dont have the file, but maybe @grazer could give you the raw sprite since he has access to all that
  • Making it is rather easy with
  • Hey! Some objects disappear after I make them, use it, then go back to the editor.
  • Should I make this game a stamina battle or just with percentages? Stamina will probably be finished quicker and is more simple to make
  • edited September 2016
    Percentages... I need to figure it out
    New update: Master Hand now uses Finger laser.
    Link to Final Destination added.
    (finger shot is really tricky btw)
  • Why not have some collisions and some impulses and as the percentage goes up so do the forces of the impulse
  • yeah, I was thinking of that. But that might mean just about 60% damage would be enough to knock someone out... maybe I'll make damage lower for attacks than the regular ssb series
  • Use an expression, basically divide the percentage by 3 and then 180% will be enough to knock someone out
  • :o haven't thought of that... thanks
  • recently I've become too obsessive of Master Hand for some reason... should start working on stages, then blast animations/boundaries/star KOs, more characters, percentages, back to Final Destination, additional mechanics, and if there's space... items, like the previous game
  • yap..... u should make a playable stage with all the features, then when you're done do the boss, etc.
  • edited September 2016
    stage options (other than battlefield and final destination)
    ice mountains (stage is slippery)
    grass terrain (many platforms 3 squares wide)
    electromagnetic field (gravity is higher, quick gameplay)
    underwater theme (idea by mhx, gravity is lower, but takes a long time to launch)
    horizontal race (moving map)
    or any more good ideas

  • Thunderdome from my game? Idk
  • Theres so many things from vs... to people this game might look like the sequel or something xD
  • Can anyone tell me how to launch (@jngthree @Mhx Aîr)
    I know I have to use impulse, but it's either on the x or the y axis. How do you make it so when you get hit from the side, you go diagonally, and when you get hit from the air you go down?
  • It's also very hard for me to adjust how each attack launches and damages at the same time.
  • edited September 2016
    I also tried to imitate the vs3 sam with the character style in SSBF, but it didn't work too well... (find him in library)
    so either he can be a
    Apprentice (Wizard)

    The style I tried out was the Brawler style. If you want Sam to hold something different, change outfits or simply try to improve it (Brawler's not my best art style), or you just prefer to keep him that way... @jngthree
  • remember to favorite for support :D
  • Gunner, but with fire instead of bullets
  • Sam's now the futuristic guy (drastically improved, I think)
  • Also made Sam's jet pack and shooting animation
  • edited September 2016
    I decided to make some new sprites for him.

    1- sams walking frame
    2-sams standing frame
    3-sam attacking
  • Sam will have a charge attack instead of a direct attack... charge attacks are powerful but leave you vulnerable for a while
  • edited September 2016
    oh, you want me to use your sprites? Ok!
  • My gunner should have a different name then...
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