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Crystal storm (no longer taking requests)

edited August 2016 in Game Design
I wanted to make a 2/3D dungeon crawler

Heres some of the newer ideas i had

-female mage protagonist (is the weakest mage in the story, and her color is purple. guess her power)
- 4 main mage bosses with their respective dungeons
-involves time travel
-involves cameos of characters from other fellow members at flow lab (im looking at you, Mhx and @PixelPizza )
-you can have an animal companion
-also has great graphics

This will be my other main franchise if its a success


  • When you say 2/3D, do you mean angled like RPG Maker games, a large map, or 2.5D, where the game is rotated?
    Either is fine, it's just a bit more difficult to make a 2.5D game in Flowlab, since it uses a fixed grid.
    The game sounds like a good idea, and it would be interesting to see a fight against my characters, or finding a pizza power up. I say go for it. The more experience you have in game making, the better you will find you become.

    2D 3D
    3D 2D
  • As in it will be platformer in some areas and top-down in others
  • 630DF354-068E-47B0-9EA9-AE1C4E431903

    This is the main characters cloak form
  • Also @Mhx Aîr i was thinking about having your character as a boss then an ally, and he would at first see crystal as an invader of his dimension- but find out what happened as your character fights her and stops the fight.
  • Looks good
  • edited August 2016
    So half RPG half Platformer, like Gargoyles Quest: Ghosts and Goblins, for the Original GameBoy. Nice. It's been a long time since I played a game like that, and was considering doing one myself, but only in a way where like hacking computers is a minigame, like Pacman, a maze, or Galaga.

    Crystal, huh? Funny, the female protagonist in my game series is named Crystal. If you tried Diamondsion Assault, the blonde girl is Crystal Aero. Mhx Air and Crystal Aero are the main characters. They actually travel through time and space to look for strong opponents in other worlds and universes, so instead of you invading their universe, they see you as a high power level opponent that doesn't belong in this world, and want to fight you. You could fight both of them. I have 6 different art styles of each character, because I made sprites for rom hacks like RPG games, Super Metroid, Metroid Zero Mission, Metal Slug, Naruto, and DBZ. Some only have a few sprites, but others have huge sprite sheets. I also have a lot of concept art, if you need face icons, like for text boxes or health bars.

    I have a whole DeviantArt I used to use, full of art, if you need ideas on how they look, unless you want me to make the sprites.

    I draw a lot of concept art for Crystal, like this. image
  • edited August 2016
    About the name: guess that could cause some confusion but that could add a hint of comedy like Mhx trying to get Crystals attention and them both responding at the same time

    As for the story: yeah, that would work, my workaround for that is: Crystal (aka the dark mage) got mauled by the lightning mage, and was sent to limbo, where she escaped to Mhx/Areo's dimension (or by coincidence, the dimension they are currently in) They wanted to take her down (boss fight against both of them simultaneously)
    After almost killing them, she spares them as she never wanted to fight them to begin with.

    C: as cool as the art looks, thats somewhat creepy.
  • Oh, they don't have pupils, their eyes glow, they are metas. They are basically electric spirits that live in cybernetic bodies, so they don't have organs or pupils. If they "die", it's okay, because they're like ghosts that posses androids, so they just respawn a new body out of electrons. There's a whole story behind everything, and I made a manga about it. I was going to make an anime, but it's amazing how much time animation takes. Anyway, let me know if you need help with anything, like art, story, or dialogue.
  • Hmmm.... Ok! either she doesn't realize what they are and thinks they're human so she doesn't want to kill them, or she knows they'll just come back until she's dead so she stops as an act of peace. What do you think?
  • You could do something where since Mhx and Crystal are electric spirits, they show you how to redirect lightning, so you can defeat the lightning mage.
  • edited August 2016
    (Also this game might might MIGHT become advertised on youtube)
  • Oh and she can generate a shield that reflects projeciles
  • That's one of the powerups in my game, too. I have a power bar that fills up, when you collect diamonds, run, or meditate, and using powers drains the bar, so you can't spam your projectiles, or try to be invincible all the time. Maybe you could do something similar, unless you're okay with unlimited powers.
  • edited August 2016
    Its going to be limited, if she uses too much of her energy, she faints, so thats one way to get a game over
  • Also, would you mind helping me with the tilework? you know how i am with graphics. Im kinda lucky i got crystal to look that good
  • Her sprite looks really good. There are a lot of sites that have free to use RPG tilesets, like
    You can modify them however you need, and it takes less work than making them from scratch.
    The fainting idea is pretty cool, never though about that, before. Feinting is like a fake punch, so you trick someone into trying to dodge, so you can suckerpunch them with a real hit, and they won't expect it, like going to punch someone in the stomach with your left arm, so they block their stomach, but then they are bent over and their face is unguarded, so you can right hook them in the jaw and knock them out. Fainting is blacking out.
  • Autocorrect got me on that. Oops
  • It's okay, I'll spellcheck your game, when you finish it, if you want.
    I do a lot of writing, so I'm pretty picky about my spelling and grammar.
  • Also i have a weird thing about being original. I usually start from scratch.
  • Now my main problem is how am i going to be able to make cutscenes work. Should one of us animate a scene? Or should I make some sort of behaviors thing and have to fight the timers...ugh
  • cutscenes are extremely hard to make, if you're trying to animate it. I tried and basically gave up on it
  • Oh yeah, I know that problem. Cutscenes are a pain. I would recommend you make a separate character from the player, so you can't accidentally break the cutscenes, and instead of using timers, if there is dialogue, just have pressing (A) or whatever button you choose, to continue the cutscene, and have it trigger the next event. You can use a bunch of filters and a number that goes up, that count how many times (A) has been pressed, or maybe a bunch of toggles that chain (next), to go through the the actions. It's a pretty big pain. I even once attempted to make animated videos, using giant images on the UI, and make them do animations, like a gif, and try to sync sounds and voice clips to the videos, but that was also a pain.
  • I used to animate, quite a lot actually...
  • As far as dialog, i stick to alerts
  • One of the hardest games you could make on Flowlab would be one of those "choose your own path" games, where you choose a path and the cutscenes do the rest. For example, at start it shows the player getting two boxes. One would bankrupt you and one would make you a billionaire. The box you choose decides the next animation... something like that
  • No, im going to leave that to telltale games XD
  • edited August 2016

    >Now i need do make a name for the lightning mage
  • edited August 2016
    yeah. That would be hopeless... for me, anyway. -_- (the choose your own path thingy)
  • 355CC0A4-E90F-4895-A238-B8F0F4D9BA07

    I enlarged his/her sprite
  • edited August 2016

    Just another mage
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