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How to make an instant Death object

Just as the title says, I making a plat former game and well i need it so if you fall down you instantly die and get respawned at the start. So if you could help me that would be great


  • edited September 2016
    Make offscreen objects, or give them once-number 0-alpha to make them invisible, but give them collision( level-restart level. Touching them will restart the level.
  • Hi,

    I;m trying this for when my player falls off the edge, have an invisible object and set player collision (object name/object) then linked HIT to next level RESTART LEVEL but he is just falling off the cliff and continuing to run outside of the frame. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
  • There's no hitbox if the sprite is nothing.
    Do you have a sprite for the object?
  • edited December 2016
    Yeah, just as Mhx said: make a sprite, then have a "once" connected to a "number", leave it as 0, then connect that to an "alpha"
  • Hey @CaraAndBola - post a link to your game and it will be easier to help you
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