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Battle Island

edited September 2016 in Play My Game
Introducing Flowlab's first (or I hope) dice game! An RPG where you have to fight random enemies that can spawn from anywhere. Every few seconds you get to roll the dice to attack. Here's the description:
0= SUPER CRITICAL- send out a shock wave that covers a huge area. Does an incredible 30 damage.
1= CRITICAL- send out flaming meteorites all around! Does 10 damage per meteorite.
2= NICE! - send out electric spears in eight directions. Does 15 damage/spear, but doesn't spread as much as the meteorites.
3-6=normal- send out electric waves in four directions. 10 damage per wave.
7-8=weak- send out a measly little bolt in one direction. 5 damage.
9=flunk- you failed and wasted your turn.

There will (hopefully) be more attacks available soon. But for now, I just started it...
here's the link:
there's not much going on yet, but I will add more to it soon.


  • p.s. i havent worked on the super critical yet, so dont expect to see it right now
    the rpg's in a very basic stage. the only enemy you can encounter right now is the skullfish, in the tutorial. later there will be monster encounter rates, such as
    FOREST: 20% encounter rate, occasional
    CAVE: 30% encounter rate, occasional
    DUNGEON: 70% encounter rate, frequent
    CITY: 5% encounter rate, rare
    something like that. also more enemies for each stage.
    i cant think of a storyline, unless i should just make it a freestyle game until the player becomes too OP (there will be speed and weapons upgrade)
  • edited September 2016
    So! Anything I should change? Commentaries? Ideas? Roll 'em all in here, I can take it xD ... or I think I can.
  • @grazer is there any way to move my die to the User Interface layer? I forgot to change layers so it doesn't always stay in the corner with scroll view.
  • Maybe he can copy the behaviors to the GUI, because I believe behavior bundles don't transfer between game layer and GUI. Otherwise, I would have suggested to just drag everything to a behavior bundle.
  • well I hope he can do it. The whole thing depends on it
  • Update: there are 3 different types of enemies, and they pop up randomly at anytime.
    SKULLFISH: also used in the tutorial. Description in the game
    ZOMBIE: Description in the game
    PACMAN: Description in the game

    there's also one particular unnamed enemy, and he is referred as the Intruder. After defeating 3 wild enemies (including the tutorial skullfish), you will have to beat him after a few moments of talking.
  • Two things, make S or Enter roll the die, (not Spacebar, because a lot of computers can't press up+left+space at the same time. It's a very common hardware issue, because companies are very cheap about their keybinding.)
    Why? It's a bit annoying to click and run at the same time. The second suggestion, is to change the die from numbers to dots, like real die, and have a fast animation play where tons of dots alternate, like the dot is randomizing, before it picks a number. Also, I got a lot of PacMans, even though they are supposed to be rare, and never got one zombie. The boss also teleports off screen a lot.
  • edited September 2016
    the die one, I'll change soon. The dots, that's not the highest priority right now, but I'll do it later. Pacmen are rare, 1 out of 100 chance per 1 second, and the zombies 2 out of 100. Maybe it's just your luck :P the boss teleports off screen, yes. I'll change that immediately. I made an error
  • but for some reason, Pacmen don't appear when I play... the notice says it will, but doesn't...
  • edited September 2016
    @Mhx Aîr the die now rolls when you press enter, and the boss will not, or should not, be going off-screen.
    The change from numbers to dots on the die will not happen anytime soon, but it will be modified later.
    The same goes for the dice rolling animation.
    Please alert me if you have any more issues. (wait, why am I writing like this?)
    Oh, well, anyways... thanks for the suggestions! :D
  • Well having it be Enter doesn't help too much, since Enter is right above the arrow keys, but anyway, sometimes the player walks upsidedown. Not sure if that is intended.
  • absolutely not. its not a glitch, but the results are because of the rotation caused by meteorite attacks. the normal and spear attacks have the same consequences from time to time, but i'm working on it.
    okay, ill switch rolling key to S in about sixteen hours... its time to sleep and ive school tomorrow...
    but during that time, if you want test it by editing my game to see if S really works for you, so i can solve the problem once and for all.
  • edited September 2016
    S works fine. It's across the keyboard, and doesn't interfere with the directional keys. Even Shift, Alt or Ctrl is fine.
  • edited September 2016
    Ok, changed to S
  • edited September 2016
    @grazer by any chance, are you able to move the die to the user interface section?
  • He's not online all the time. He has a job and a family, outside of Flowlab. This is like his professional hobby project. You can email him if it's really important, but he will check up on the forums when he has some free time.
  • edited September 2016
    I said "hello" because it was too quiet... eh
    anyways, I changed the name to "Dice Battle Island" or "Battle Island" for short.
    Also, new enemy added: VIRUSES; as always, description in the game
    trees surround the terrain, like a real island.
    Some minor changes on the player
  • Currently adding a fishing minigame to fit the Island theme. I just finished the design for now.
  • The fishing game is limited, but it's still partly playable, yay :D
    @jngthree if you don't mind me asking, how'd you make high scores? I know it involves save, but IDK how...
  • edited September 2016
    the yellow/blue/purple !s still need some work, but the green and red are ready to go. Yay I made Flowlab's first fishing game! xD
    did I?
  • edited September 2016
    Oh subtract the current score by the high score and if its less than 0 then it saves as the new high score

    Ill see about getting a screenshot if you don't understand
  • Should Battle Island be campaign or all minigames?
  • (poll on the top)
    I want to do the idea with 3 votes, which may take a month or so 'cuz not a lot of people care about the game :P
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