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Poll RESULTS, and a new update

edited September 2016 in Announcements
So the poll results are in, and it looks like the winning feature is Windows Desktop Export. I didn't really get as many votes as I'd hoped (only 22 total at the moment), but export to desktop was the clear winner almost immediately. This doesn't mean that the other features won't get added, just that I bumped the desktop export up to the front of the queue.

As a result, we now have the initial version of Windows exporting ready to test out. I just deployed it, and I want to do a lot more testing before I announce it as an official feature, but I figured I would let people start trying it out if they like. It works just like the mobile apps: click the "Export for Mobile or Desktop App" button, select "windows", and upload an icon. It will go into the build queue, and in about a half hour the app should be available for download.

Let me know if anyone has comments or questions, and thanks to everyone who voted :)


  • Sweet! Im going to do starblast
  • Building starblast neon wars as a windows app. Grazer can you make a full screen function without locking the pixels?
  • Well that doesn't help me at all. I have no idea why you would ever be offline and want to play your Flowlab game. Still, if that's what the masses wanted.
  • Hey jngthree - I see that you built a windows version of your game, let me know how it works out.
  • Wont be able to test it yet
  • Grazer can you test that out? I don't have access to my desktop often
  • I can test a couple games. Is the program built for any specific computers? I'm on Windows 8.1.
  • Im on windows 10.

    For anyone willing to test: here is a link
  • And where's the better color picker? :(
  • It didn't win. I was sure that background animations would win, or more layers, but somehow, tons of people really wanted a desktop export, even though they can just get on their browser and go to their games. Maybe he will have another poll in the future. Until then, I definitely 100% recommend this site for your color picking needs.

    It uses a hexadecimal RGB code, that you can copy/paste into Flowlab, where you see the #000000.
    It's not very helpful on a smartphone, but if you are on a computer, it's definitely great, and simple to use.
  • I already use that website but copy and pasting is annoying. I just want that colorpicker in flowlab :/
  • The poll was just to help me determine a set of priorities for different features, and see if there were any features that people really wanted but weren't yet on my radar. There is no reason I can still fix the color picker, and I agree that the current one isn't great.

    The current one came about as a way to make a color picker that works on touch screen tablets too. I can make some adjustments that will make it much better, but still be usable on touch devices too.
  • @grazer as a minor change can we be able to drag behaviors into bundles again? That was helpful
  • What happened to hitting the delete key on a keyboard, instead of constantly having to click delete on each object?
  • edited September 2016
    Its backspace not delete @Mhx Aîr
  • The delete key is "delete" on a mac, but it may be backspace on windows, not sure. It definitely works though, and you should be able to hold it down and drag the mouse to delete multiple items.
  • @grazer i am unable to run windows export. it just shows the .zip and the files for it.
  • Well luckily I updated my Google Chrome, because backspace on windows goes back a page. Now it's Alt+Left, instead of backspace. I'll try it out.
  • @grazer i have two problems.

    When downloading the export for a game. I just receive the files, i cant run the game :/

    Im unable to drag behaviors into bundles... That has become a very important feature
  • edited September 2016
    Thanks for reporting the issue, it's fixed and I triggered a rebuild. Also, you can link directly to the game, you don't have to upload to dropbox: download from here
  • I like renaming the .zip to my game name. Good for organizing
  • edited September 2016
    Still unable to work. goes to the stopped unexpectedly screen... I run windows 10 btw
  • yap happen same to me
  • Personally, Im not really enthusiastic about export to desktops winning. This was one chance to really improve Flowlab.
    People may disagree, but basically every single option besides the ETD would've made games more awesome.. Background animations, more parallax layers and more editing tools would expand limited options. Better color picker, as well. But Export to desktop really does not help at all in game making...
  • I'm more interested in who voted for desktop export, the free users, or premium users? If it was the free users, they can't use it anyway, so it was a wasted vote.
  • edited September 2016
    exactly!! ;-; (btw i voted for b. animations)
  • edited September 2016
    Ok, so I have fixed up all the windows export problems I found. @jngthree - I rebuild Star Blast Neon Wars, and it seems to run OK, but try it out and let me know if you have any other problems.
  • @grazer also can you make a editor does edit colissions?

    -sorry for my bad english
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