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How do I get my box to emit coins?!!!

In my game I want to make it where when I hit the box 3 times in level 2 the box will turn brown and emit coins above the box. I also need help to stop and keep the animation on the box brown at the end. Here is the link and please help!!!


  • Make the box have it's forward be up. Check it a couple times to make sure the forward stays up. Have collision from the bottom make it emit a coin forward. Have an on off switch between them, so after 3 hits it turns off. I'm assuming you mean 3 hits 3 coins, unless you mean 3 hits, then a coin. Either way, make collision connect to the (+) of a number, and to a filter greater than 2. Have that pass turn off the switch, so no more coins come out, and play an animation on loop. That animation can be just a brown box. I'm sure someone has made an example before.
  • I tried what you did but I still could not get it to work. Can you make a example of what to do
  • edited October 2016
    this should work. Also instead of "Greater than 4" put in "Greater than 3"

  • That helped but I am still able to coins after I collect 5 coins. Can you help me with that.
  • wait actually... that helped but I am still able to coins after I collect 5 coins. Can you help me with that.

    Check my character/player too
  • edited October 2016
    The only way I can think of is to make the box send a message to the player to +1 when they collide. Then, when the brown box animation plays, turn off the switch connected to the message, so the player cannot receive any more coins from that specific box.
  • Or have a filter that has under 6 and pass going to the emit
  • i just what something to emit for the top but you have to collect it
  • and it only emits 1 every 5 seconds
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