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Checkpoint management

How do I make it so that when the player hits a checkpoint, and dies later on, he goes back to the most recent saved spot when the level restarts?


  • I guess you can have something at the start of the level that'd teleport the player to the last check point.
  • You could save the X and Y and when a player touches an enemy, it teleports him there
  • When you hit a checkpoint then you have to extract the player x and y position. And save the 2 numbers with the 2 save behaviors. When you die. You have to read the 2 save behaviors. And teleport to that position. You can use the position behavior for that.

    If you still don't understand it. I can make a video for you :)
  • @Latif3 I'd like a video
  • edited November 2016
    thank you everyone, I'll try it as soon as possible :)

    and @latif3 a video would be awesome :D
  • I can't figure it out ;-;
  • I hoped you would understand because I am too lazy to make a video :PP

    But I will try to make one today. (It's 00:10 for me so I have a lot of time left)
  • or just a screenshot would be nice too
  • Nope sorry my computer hates me and I hate my computer too. Just figure it out yourself. You are smart enough :P

    Or ask jngthree
    And... extractor? Save?? None of them were required :tongue:
  • i agree with latif however there's one thing wrong. as seen in the FLOWLAB BEHAVIORS HANDBOOK the extractor only extracts x positions in pixels and you can only mark the position in the position behavior in grids not in pixels
  • ooh and y positions as well
  • Hey @gamemakerstarter137 - I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but you can switch between grid/pixel positions by dividing/multiplying by 32.
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