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Some features I've always wanted

edited December 2017 in Feature Requests
Hey Grazer you can pick something here if you run out of ideas! :)

* 'drag' physic behavior
Sets the new drag value. You can get the value from an extractor.
* 'bounce' physic behavior
Sets the new bounce value. You can get the value from an extractor.
* 'friction' physic behavior
Sets the new friction value. You can get the value from an extractor.

* Enable behavior bundles for objects in the user interface

* The ability to delete levels

* The ability to drag and drop behaviors into a behavior bundle.
With a confirmation alert please! EXAMPLE: Are you sure you want to move these behaviors into this behavior bundle?

* Alerts with 2 or 3 buttons
You can choose if you want 1, 2 or 3 buttons. The third button is not really needed for me but it could be useful.

* A behavior to set all saved values (with save behaviors) to 0

* Parallax layers
You can choose the depth for each background

* More object layers
3 layers are not enough. Make 5 or maybe even more.

* A behavior to change the layer of an object (you can choose type and name)
You can get the value from an extractor

* A hue, saturation and brightness behavior to change the color of an object
Would be useful to highlight buttons when you go with you cursor over it. Or nice effects.

* An 'in' and 'out' output in the collision behavior
IN occurs when the object collides with another object
OUT occurs when the object doesn't collide with the other object anymore

* Make the minimum value of the circle of the proximity behavior 4.0
Currently it's 8.0

* Make the maximum of size behavior higher (something like 1000)
I don't care about pixelated sprites. It's the game creator's own choice.

* Make your games unlisted, public or private
PRIVATE: Only you can open the game
UNLISTED: Only people with a link can open the game. You can't see it on your profile and in the games page.
PUBLIC: Everyone can open your game

* Selecting objects in the level editor
You can select objects with a select tool and delete, copy, move, rotate and flip the blocks in the selection. There's also a paste button to paste the last copied selection.

* More buttons in the alert behavior
Maximum of 3 buttons. So it would have 3 outputs.


* Text box GUI behavior
In the level editor you will be able to resize the textbox or move it to another location.

IN: Sends the output
TEXT: Changes the text of the text box. You can either connect a number or text behavior to it.
ALPHA: Changes the opacity of the textbox.
ON: Enables typing in the textbox
OFF: Disables typing in the textbox
MAX LENGTH: Changes the maximum length of characters in the text box (0 = infinite).
X: The x location of the textbox
Y: The y location of the textbox
WIDTH: The width of the textbox (uses grid, not pixels)

CONFIRMED (trigger): Occurs when the ENTER key is pressed when the text box is focused. Sends the text on the textbox.
CHANGED (trigger): Occurs when the text changed in the text box. Sends the new text on the textbox.
FOCUS (trigger): Occurs when the user clicks the textbox so he/she can start typing on it. Sends the text on the textbox.
LEAVE (trigger): Occurs when the user leaves the textbox by clicking somewhere else in the game. Sends the text on the textbox.

ALL CHARACTERS (radio button): Allows all characters
LETTERS ONLY (radio button): Only allows letters (a-z and A-Z)
NUMBERS ONLY (radio button): Only allows numbers (0-9)
LETTERS AND NUMBERS ONLY (radio button): Only allows letters and numbers (a-z, A-Z and 0-9)
MAX LENGTH (number): The maximum length of characters in the text box (0 = infinite).
BOTH CASINGS (radio button): doesn't affect lowecase or uppercase characters.
ONLY LOWERCASE (radio button): changes all uppercase characters to lowercase.
ONLY UPPERCASE (radio button): changes all lowercase characters to uppercase.

* Text behavior
SET: Sets the new text
IN: Sends the output
ADD: Adds text (so if the text is "hello" and you add " world" it will be "hello world"), also sends the output
INSERT: Inserts text in the text, uses the "index" value to put the text in the right position. For example, the text is "Hello", you insert "222" and the index is 3. The new text will be "Hel222o". If the index is 0 it will be "222Hello". Or 5: "Hello222". If the index is above the character count it will add the text at the end.
INDEX: Selects a position in the text for the "insert" input. By default it's 0.
COUNT: counts the characters in the text


TEXT (text box): Initial text

* A filter for text
Same as number filter but then with text. The dropdown would look like this:
- Text equals to
- Text starts with
- Text contains
- Text ends with
After the dropdown there's a text box so you can compare the text.

* Change text of labels with the text behavior

* The ability to duplicate behaviors and its properties (a button in every behavior to duplicate it)
This is useful for labels and alerts. Also another thing, selecting behaviors and duplicate them would be awesome!

Sprite editor:

* A square and a circle tool

* Bring the brush tool back from the old sprite editor

* Text tool
You can choose what font you want and the size of the text.

* Edit the hitbox of the object
You can draw a square or a circle in the hitbox editor with the square and circle tool.

* A select tool
You have to select something in your sprite. The selection is just a square. You can move the selection somewhere else in your sprite.
Here I have some shortcuts:
[Ctrl] + [C] to copy
[Ctrl] + [V] to paste
[Ctrl] + [X] to cut
[Delete] to delete
Arrow keys to move 1 grid box.

* Resize selection
If you selected somethig you'll see dots in the edges of the selection to change the size of the selection. Just note that this is just stretching pixels.

* Rotate and flip
Rotate a sprite -90/90 degrees or flip it horizontally/vertically. When you selected something it will only affect the selection.

* Transparency
Edit the transparency of the pixels in the color picker.

* Export to png/jpg file
Save sprite to your computer

* support GIF animations
If you are making an animation and upload a GIF file it will separate all frames and make an animation of it.


  • edited January 2017
    I got some ideas of my own:

    •a hit box editor
    •hitboxes that rotate with the sprite
    •being able to log in FROM the editor just in case you make a big edit but forget to log in
    •a smoothening tool
    •an opacity option in the sprite editor
    •the brush tool
    •resizing sprites
    •sprite cloud (basically we get to upload and store sprites we make if we want to reuse them from game to game)
    •multiple parallax layers
    •background behaviors that don't involve movement (such as animations)
    •text tool for the sprite editor
    •uploading .gif files and them saving as an animation for the object it's been uploaded to
    •a recolor tool for the sprite editor
    •make the proximity able To be infinite in size
  • Edited topic. Stole Added some ideas from jngthree.
  • Another thing: multiple parallax layers
  • You already said that in your previous post
  • I know. I was emphasizing it
  • Added new stuff because I can :)

  • YES Gif animations would be soooo useful! @Latif3 @Grazer
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Bump because I'm a bad boy

    Added 1 thing, duplicating behaviors
  • Wow I completely forgot this topic. I just edited it a bit. The hue, brightness and saturation behavior is just awesome. It must be added.
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