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Crimson hunters.

edited February 2017 in Play My Game
I'm working on a game called "crimson hunters"

It is a metroid based game.
The main character is a person who does not have an assigned personality and is supposed to be given one by the player.

Wrong move? Reverse time and start over, but with your current arsenal of weapons.

Anything you get stays for the rest of the game.

What if you find a puzzle that seems impossible? Maybe there's an item that you haven't gotten to yet. Reset or backtrack once you think you have the right item for the job. Then get back to it.

Arrow keys- move
S- fire
W- reset
Other controls will be revealed as items are collected.


  • edited February 2017
    Also, inspired by @PixelPizza's limited palette game, Awakening
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • I like the limited palette, I'm interested to see where it goes.
  • edited February 2017
    That being said, there is 1 time another color is shown, but it's a secret...

    @grazer how far did you get?
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • edited February 2017
    This is really, really cool. I have a suggestion. Maybe put fire and reset side by side because one above the other is a bit awkward. Since you have to hold to reset an accidental push won't be possible.
  • the way i normally play is having my middle finger on [S] so it isn't awkward, but ill see about creating an alternate key.
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • Wow... i really like a the idea and the game! Good Job
  • Did anyone ever encounter another hunter?
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • I didn't get far at all - I seem to always fall into the first tunnel to the right, and then get stuck down there and have to reset.
  • edited February 2017
    Your supposed to fall into that tunnel to advance. But you end up resetting or wall-jumping your way back up once done.
    Try going to the left and grabbing the charger. The charge shot sends a long-range shot that can bounce around. That allows you to push enemies around and even do some cool tricks.

    Then drop down the chasm to the right, and progress left, until you get to the abandoned lab (work in progress area.) then drop down and take the door to the right and progress to that item. DO NOT SHOOT IT! If so it will disappear and you will have to reset. After that, you may backtrack or reset.

    I'll leave the rest to you.
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • Ah, thanks - I had found the charger, but I just didn't realize that I could wall jump. Now I can get much farther :)
  • edited February 2017
    @grazer added a brick background for some areas and some brick platforms.

    Trying to give it a little more texture and make the player think of a temple or something.
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • @PixelPizza boss ideas?
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • Question? Can the enemy critters be killed? The weapons don't seem to affect them.
  • Nevermind, got one. But it's super hard to get the bullets on exactly the right level to hit them. One more suggestion is to make the enemies killed counter bright red as well as it can be difficult to see in some areas of this bloody labyrinth of death.
  • I will.

    Anyway @grazer I implemented better wall-jumps.

    Just jump into the wall, and on contact, jump again.
    You can't wall-jump unless you are airborne.
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • edited February 2017
    I brightened up the bar a bit.
    Also, it's not actually a counter. It's a health bar.

    If you shoot an enemy, the bar displays that enemy's health
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • wow :open_mouth: this is one of a kind
  • edited February 2017
    Ah now I see. I like this game a lot. Some music and/or effects would be cool too.
  • Hmmm maybe a Giant Slime Boss (jumps over you and you need to shoot in his belly (under him)) @jngthree
  • edited February 2017
    @PixelPizza maybe.
    Also- I expanded the game. Try getting all of the items and beat the first boss!
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • edited February 2017
    I added missiles! Missiles are hidden within the abandoned lab

    Also, adding a new area in the world "The living bloodway"

    This world includes new creatures, along with more puzzles, because puzzles are fun!
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • @melville I added some SFX. Will look into composing multiple tracks of music, one for each area.
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • You compose music? That's pretty cool.
  • @Melville I can compose a little. Not my strongpoint though.
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • edited February 2017
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • Added a little intro
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • Added health stations that will heal you
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • Title screen looks great. I'm really digging that each time I play I find a new area to explore.
  • Vs. 3 is getting a deluxe version! And now, Crimory makes a cameo!
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • Criminy! (Australian accent not included)
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