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Music Doesn't Play

I have put a once trigger and hooked that up to a sound behavior with a link that ends with .mp3 and loop is checked and the music still doesn't play. Any ideas?

Any responses are appreciated!


  • Nevermind just figured it out!
  • How did you do it because mine just doesn't work at all
  • Same with me. Please tell me how o3o
  • Reading the flowlab documentation is a good idea:

    There are two methods of selecting a sound to play. The simplest way of selecting a sound is to simply choose from the list of default, built in sound effects in the property panel. To add a sound or song not available in the list, a URL link can be added instead. Links must be .mp3 files, and must follow two rules:
    • Must begin with “http://“ or “https://“
    • * Must end with “.mp3”
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