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edited February 2017 in Play My Game
So since I'm on my last game, I've been changing my mind like 3 times already for what I want to create and probably am irritating certain people cuz I post so much. I tried out new things, like galaga type and base defender games. But none of them gave me as much fun as creating the sequel to! Beginning my journey in flowlab with Fireballio 1, I decided to end with it- to compare the difference in skill from the start to end on my first account.
But because Shaw is ripping us off and my router is horrible (5mb per second with cable tv, and 99 dollars a month!!) I need help tracking bugs until we buy a new one :neutral:

New mechanics:
Coin boxes. Gives 10 coins!
Upon dying, one of three alerts will appear for each obstacle (except for water). I'm pretty sure people thought of that but were too lazy, I was
Air riders. Goes at 2 velocity down when player gets on. Had trouble with that because when it says "movable" you can move it using the player when you just want that thing to move as it's supposed to :/
A little intro that pops up every level restart, should fix that
Slanted hill
Pipes that emit mace balls
Easier gameplay!

All comments are appreciated!


  • edited February 2017
    I'm interested in seeing where this goes
  • Thanks :smiley:

    As of now lv1 is complete. Additions:
    A secret passageway that leads to a freeze item (item wip)
    disappearing platforms
    lightningballs, slower than the original

    Many more!

    It's pretty big update. Coins are fun to collect but have no use for now.
  • edited March 2017
    Try level 2! Tension and speed is the main theme.
    New enemies:
    -Pumpkins, doesn't really look like pumpkins... but are spike-like enemies that can float in the air... and become invisible from time to time!
    -Ghouls... if you get too close, they chase you with a speed determined with luck. They'll gradually get transparent while chasing you, before finally disappearing.
    and plz leave comments, I need opinions and possibly some ideas of improvement.
  • edited March 2017
    Made some additions on level 2... and I'm already down to 18 free objects (:insert sadness emoji here:)
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