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Requesting Help!

Hey Guys, it's me (@tommy_2_14) and I just got back to flowlab after a LONG break, but I need some help with stuff...
1) I am working on a new game called Rosia, it will be a fantasy-rpg style game (If you couldn't tell by now, I am REALLY into that stuff...)
2) I need people to help me with the following:
2a) Sprites, I cannot do sprites for my life and I would like someone to do sprites for me, I really liked the ones in Awakening by @PixelPizza , but I do NOT want limited-color sprites.
2b) Ideas, this would be a pretty big help as well. I already have some cool ideas, but I need some revisers/reviewers to help me out...
2c) It would be really cool to get some Beta Testers as well, but I think we all can do that...

I feel, that if we all worked together on this game, we could create an INCREDIBLE game.

Anyways, thanks for reading!


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