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Cube's Adventure

A very simple platformer game

I just see a lot of people making poor platformer games with annoying game play so I thought about making a "good" platformer.
In this platformer I tried out checkpoints and one-way blocks. Feel free to open the game in the editor and take a look at the behaviors :)

Left and right arrow keys to move
Up arrow key to jump
S to save the last checkpoint location (so when you come back you're at the last checkpoint)

You can play it right now
Hope you enjoy for 5 minutes


  • Those graphics tho
    so impressive (not sarcasm)
  • Hah seriously? I made them myself :hushed:
  • You better not be referring to crimson hunters when you say bad platformers >:c
  • I'm trying to add some music but a dropbox .mp3 link doesn't work.

  • I did these before.
    I have boos (when you dont look it, it will try to hurt you), one way switches, switchable one way switches...
    You can play it from here.
  • You stoled my idea :neutral:
  • I like the game, the graphics are incredible, but there should be some type of background music. i know there is a website called BeepBox, it makes 1980 game music.
  • I already tried to add music. But it doesn't work.
  • @Latif3 usually you need to refresh when adding music
  • I'm not a noob that doesn't know that lol.
    When I try using .mp3 links from other games it works.. strange :(
  • Use kiwi6 instead of Dropbox
  • Ohh Kiwi6 worked :smiley:

    Added music
  • i love this game
  • This game great! Why am I the only one who has favorited it!? It is super slick and very well made - nice work :)
  • Wow thanks Grazer :smile:
  • ha love it (;
  • Update: made some useless coins

    Give me ideas what can I do with it.
  • Collect all the coins on all the levels and you get a bonus level
  • @jngthree I actually wanted the game to have 1 single level (a world) with checkpoints. If I make a bonus level people can just open the editor and go there, so it's useless.

    I'm remaking the world because I've got some new ideas like making a desert and water. If you have enough coins you'll also be able to attack enemies.

    I'm currently working on it! It will be done as soon as possible :)
  • @latif3 you should post the embed link here, then remove the game from the list, that's the #1 way to prevent skipping levels
  • What list lol
  • Why would I delete my game..
  • No, you wouldn't delete it. It would be inaccessible to others unless you give them the link. If you only give them the embed frame. They can't open the editor.

    In the settings of the game It would say "hide from games list"
  • That only works if you have a premium account, I think

    Also, you can just change "embed" to "edit" in the link, unfortunately. Unless there's something I'm missing out on
  • edited September 2017
    I don't have money, I'm poor.

    I live in the Netherlands, that's in Europe, so we use euros as money. I get like €5 every month from my parents, so that €60 every year. Converted to dollars it's something like $71 so I have like €9 left when I pay for an indie account, lots of fun with that amount of money every year :)

    I also asked my parents if they could pay with their own money but they said that I should learn how to make a game with real programming (writing lines of code). Because I can already do c#, javascript, html and css but I just can't start making a game, it's harder than you think :(

    Oh and, I'll get €1200 soon from an application I've made for a business where my dad works in. But with all that money I'll buy a new laptop with it.

    Oh wait this thread is about Cube's Adventure
  • I'm just 15, don't expect too much
  • So THATS what that Netherlands download was coming from... huh
  • Download??
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