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Crimson hunters...AGAIN!!

Ok, so crimson hunters is doing pretty well, and I've decided to postpone SB2 development for about a month. No specific date has been chosen. But here's the thing: I am TERRIBLE at deadlines. So until then, crimson hunters it is.

The graphics I used to start of the game was actually placeholder graphics. I've been practicing offline, and finally decided to create newer/updated graphic. There are also new mechanics such as the teleporter gun, which you aren't told how to use, but if you look closely, "they" will teach you....
I've also made it to where it's not truly limited to just red. For shading reasons, I've included some grey in the characters and backgrounds, which we all know contains other hues

The intro also includes white, but only so the user can read it.

That reminds me, brick tiles and other tiles looked crappy and pixelated... not anymore! The bricks look much more polished and include way more red, and the metal texture looks way more smoothed and shiny.

what do you think?

Also, when I'm done with this game, I might make a crimson hunters.


  • Think you may have put a space between "flow" and "lab" in your link. Other than that, awesome game!
  • @Steeph323
    Stupid phone autocorrect!!
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  • Anyway, the game now has sprinting, press space or move for a second and a half to sprint. Crimory will double in speed..
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  • Great game! Although "teleporter gun" never showed up.
  • edited April 2017
    It shows up at the top of the room that requires wall jumping and dashing (or just wall climbing)
    you aren't told how to use it because crimory is unfamiliar with it.
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  • My web Site, "the console" =

  • Thanks man. I played "Crimson Hunters" again and now find it easier to play! Thanks!
  • It’s been a while, but I want to resume working on this
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  • edited November 2017
    Because logic gates, Im going to make 6 way shooting- you can’t shoot straight up or down.

    Also, I may try to make this game graphically better, now that I know how to make ramps and stuff. Instead of using straight lines.
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  • I never got a chance to check this game out, so I'll look at it tonight.
  • This game is basically a spoof of every sci-fi shooter... keep that in mind
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  • @Mhx Aîr cool, thanks.

    Also, you may like the wall jumping mechanic I put in, run up to a wall, jump, and when you hit the wall you can jump again, but you’ll jump in the opposite direction
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  • I'm sure it is cool. I'm working on logic for a cliff grab mechanic, so if your position and collision are right, your position will lock and play a hanging on the edge animation, until you jump or a timer makes you fall.
  • Wouldn’t that be...

    Proximity, 2 expressions for the X offset, a filter, an absolute value, and an enable/disable, along with an edge grab animation. But also a switch to make sure your facing the proper direction. Or another edgegrab animation with the player in a different direction to show which way he’s actually facing
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  • edited November 2017
    Brb- just gave me an idea for crimson hunters

    Nevermind, as I just realized how much that would lag out the game: proximity- and the map is MASSIVE
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  • I was going to make a 2x32 alpha 0 not solid object with collision AND same thing but 32x2 AND holding right --(on)ON/OFF- also (in) number pos x also (in) number pos y --(in)ON/OFF switch- position (reset speed on update) animation loop
    Jump button/timer (off)ON/OFF

    reset speed locks you from moving, disable might work too, but it might keep me from jumping, so I'll check it out.
  • I have escaped your game and now am exploring the outside area.
    Pretty great game btw. Why did you stop? Keep working on it.

  • There was a box here and I shot it through the wall, then it disappeared. I thought those were powerups? Can I destroy powerups by accident? That would be bad.
  • These one way gates work pretty consistently, maybe 8/10 times. I'll have to try these instead of the way I was doing it with proximity clipping. I like this game a lot.

  • Absolutely no idea how to kill this cat bug thing. I had to reset because I guess it's invincible. Probably shouldn't have been able to get there. I did a ton of sequence breaking by clipping with the charge beam and got all the powerups the easy way.

  • edited November 2017
    Finally killed the cat. It was easy, I'm just dumb lol. The box I kept accidentally shooting, it was the teleporter, which btw is sick. I've been trying to figure out how to make a good homing attack method that doesn't look like teleporting, and I think this is perfect, except instead of firing the teleporter, it will lock on to the position of an enemy on keypress like a sniper target. Fantastic work in this game, I had a lot of fun with it, keep it up man!
  • Oh, you sequence broke! How!? That’s awesome! I was hoping I would be able to do that...

    But the teleporter gun can be spammed against a wall and teleport you out- not sure how to fix it
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • edited November 2017
    I was going to make a grappling hook (which I have an idea for, btw) but then decided why do that when you can have a teleporter gun to get you across...

    If anything, I want to get rid of clipping- cuz running around where there’s nothing but rock (no air) would be weird

    That also means you skipped a fight with
    another hunter....
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • edited November 2017
    Just made what will be a minimap. It’s working pretty nicely, just gotta draw the rooms now

    @Mhx Aîr it uses only two objects and the Y=(Y’/#)B format

    With Y’ being crimorys position
    # being the absolute size of the game itself
    And B being the center of the maps position relative to the corner of the screen
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • edited November 2017
    If the hunter was the guy after the wall jump tube and spike pit, I spammed gun, pierce, and rocket at the same time and forced him into the wall to die in seconds. The first time, I broke the out gate box and went over him, just for laughs. For sequence breaking, I spammed and jumped off my own bullets by air dashing, used the charge beam as a moving platform for an extra jump, or clipped the charge beam with my head or jumped on it to break box gates above and below me that I shouldn't have been able to. I also used a full run and left over jump after an up spam to launch out of the hole you spawn in from, just to see if I could. I got to the cat boss early by shooting a charge beam and pressing down to dash into it to keep me from hitting floating spikes and drop after the ground spikes. Took like 20-30 attempts but I didn't see how else to get over there until I noticed the letters on the walls sorta taught me diagonal teleporting.
    If you want to stop the clipping, try one of 2 things. 1, black blocks behind the walls that proximity kills bullets and teleporter before they clip through the main wall, or prevent shooting while facing a left or right wall you are in close proximity to. This way you can still clip one way gates.
  • How about the projectile having its teleporting disabled for a frame, so it can’t be used like that.
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  • edited November 2017
    Sequence breaking is something I want to keep the game from being linear if you’re smart enough to do it.

    Removed being able to phase through walls, but as a biproduct.... not much
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • edited November 2017
    @Mhx Aîr I’m not really good at running frames. Could you help me out on that... the character doesn’t look right while running

    Also.... I’m out of ideas.... should I make some Gravity- like puzzles (play my game “Sam: Gravity” and you’ll know what I am talking about) using the charge shot, because it’s otherwise a long range peashooter that fires slowly and is pretty much useless.
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • Hm... Yeah I might have time to do that. Upload the sprites for standing and movement to a zip folder and link me the dropbox download. The flowlab downloader gives me a sprite sheet, but I want the individual frames separated.
  • @Mhx Aîr instead of taking the time to crop everything out I used a tool to do it for me... lolz

    Here are all of his frames to-date
    My web Site, "the console" =

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