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Grazer died

Too bad


  • o rlly
    wheres your proof?????
  • Yes it's true, sorry guys. But now I'm zombie grazer - bigger and stronger.
  • Atleast you can still work on Flowlab! ;)
  • IMG_0625
    Now for a classic game of left 4 propane
  • Hold on... bigger and stronger eh? TAAANK!!!
  • whatever happened to "zombie grazer: bigger and stronger"?
  • I bet that the "Bigger and stronger zombie grazer" is now so strong he destroy a keyboard when he types on it... Which means the guy that writed he(grazer) was zombified and more strong lied... Which means he could have been a zombie, but not stronger.... Which means it could have been grazer that writted that commment... Which means he lied.... Which means he was honest...

    Anyways, let's just say he is a ghost, that will simplify all of my comment.

    Now, does anyone have aspirin?
  • edited December 2017
    Its a dead topic
  • An old joke from 8 months ago. Why comment on it?
  • They like to gravedig i guess. It’s ok though, because as far as we know, zombie grazer was still stuck in the casket, with nothing to do. Which is probably why he was releasing so many updates. Because
    A- His laptop was buried with him
    B- He’s ungodly bored right now
    C- He’s hoping that his next of kin will realize that he’s alive (sorta) and go dig them up
  • It's a bit ironic to have a dead topic about death.
  • MywMyw
    edited December 2017
    Watch and learn. As I comment for the first time in months my account has essentially been dead. I comment on a dead forum post about a dead guy. The joke of the dead guy is dead. Therefor a dead account comments on a dead post about a dead guy with a dead joke.
  • >Then grazer comments and locks the thread, essentially making it dead dead dead.
  • The reason I made this topic is because grazer was offline for a few days. Suddenly this was the first thread he commented on when he came back.

    I wish grazer always has time to work on flowlab :(
  • Flowlab isn't popular enough. He makes $50 a year per paying person. He would need about 1,000 users to be able to make flowlab a full time job, because $50k minus fees and taxes would be a good salary to pay for bills and family expenses. Unless he makes enough to quit his job, it's a hobby.
  • This topic is deader than SB3s fan base, and that says A LOT
  • There isn't anything lower than zero people so I can understand that
  • why is this even here?
  • Wow! Reading this is getting deadly.
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