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Returning, but only to chat, (for now.)

Hello. You probably remember me. if not, I'm Reece, and I'm into Video Game Development, and collecting, fixing, and upgrading computers that are obsolete or vintage.
I'm returning to the Flowlab forum, and slowly returning to the Flowlab Game Engine. I'm currently working on a FPS Halo fan-game called "Lone Wolf." It's going to be a Online Multiplayer game based on Halo 3's Multiplayer, and is being developed in the Blender Game Engine. I am having trouble getting multiplayer to work, but I'll figure it out.
Well, for now, i'll be chatting on the forums, and may think about FULLY returning to the Flowlab Game Engine when i'm done with Lone Wolf.
Have A Wonderful Day/ Night.


  • edited May 2017
    Blender huh? I may look into that

    Demise would make a good first person shooter game
  • edited May 2017
    If you're going to make a FPS, I would take a look at Unity
  • Oh ok thanks @grazer!
    I've decided to work with multiple engines just this one time, because a FPS was always the first concept I've ever wanted to do. Everything else I can do on flowlab
  • @jngthree yeah, i would recommend a different game maker for making FPS games. I started with FPS Creator Classic by The Game Creators, then went to blender. Blender is more advanced than FPSCC, but you're limited to your imagination and how much you know about Blender. I started learning Sockets, so i can code multiplayer games with blender. I'd go with what you want to do. i'm not in control of what others do.
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