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edited March 2014 in General
i have it when my creature hits the coins, bats (on top), or blobs (on top) they die. I want a score thing where it will add up the # of coins, bats, and globs. But coins=1; bats=2; globs=3. i need a pic for an example.


  • and i want the score to stay the same for the next level then add on from previous level.
  • edited March 2014
    This is one way to do it. Make sure since the bats and blobs only die from being hit on the head you select bottom only for them. This will be placed on the player.collision
  • Also, check [appear on every level] or whatever it's called. Your score should remain the same.
  • Its not appear on every level its keep between levels
  • is that all? how do i out put the score?
  • guys go to her game and tell her shes doing it wrong she wont listen to me
  • The label that is labeled 0 at the end of the photo is the output.
  • ok. on my game if u hit 2 coins at once it only coints it as 1. idk whats wrong. pls help

  • reply to allysonlee

    [ok. on my game if u hit 2 coins at once it only coints it as 1. idk whats wrong. pls help]

    post the link to the game so we can take a look (i had to post like 42 times :P)
  • Try this way. On the coin instead of having the die bundle make a new one just for the coin. Connect the collision to Enabled (false) Alpha and Message. Have the message send to the player with something simple like +1. On the player replace collision with coin to mailbox and set the trigger word to the same as sent (+1).
  • thanks you it works now
  • You welcome
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