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Laptop Crashed... Again.

edited April 2014 in General
If anyone has wondered where I went, last week, I went to download a game and it got a fat chunk of malware and deleted my NTloader from System32. So... I had to format and reinstall windows... I have nothing...
Also, while I'm typing, if you or anyone you know has a Windows XP, prepare for the XPocalypse. April 8th...
The hackers are coming.


  • Hackers??? Good thing i have a mac!
  • yikes! Bad luck man, but glad you're back :)
  • Yeah, I'm going to need to redownload all my files. Btw, I know all the sprites come in a sheet when downloaded, but is there any way to get them all in individual png files? It's a huge pain to take apart all those sprites and align them to be centered right. I mean, unless it's too much to ask, in that case, it's fine, I was just curious :)
  • If you install the desktop version, it should have both a sprite sheet and individual files
  • Oh? I didn't know that. Awesome. Yeah, well I saw DA reached over 3000 plays today or yesterday, so I think I will continue it soon. I still really want to start from scratch since it's so buggy. One bug is that 2 objects can't use the same controls...
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