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Is there an object limit before flowlab becomes unstable?

edited April 2014 in Bugs
You can just answer that question with a yes or no...or read the following in detail.

I have about 60+ game objects in my game. Within these objects are quite an abundance of behaviors (with the exception of these objects being spread out among my levels). The problem I'm having is that my objects are suddenly screwing up now. Everything was flowing smoothly...until I replayed my game from the start. Objects are becoming misplaced and triggers are not firing properly nor following up behaviors properly. Believe me, nothing could have been affected behavior wise, and I am 105% positive about that. This could be my computer.
I do remember trying to refresh the page, but for some reason the game editor had to load twice. Strange indeed.

Anyone having this same issue? Should I upgrade my shockwave flash or something?


  • Hm... I am unsure... I have about 40 in mine. I know a lot of object in the game cause lag, but not created objects in storage. Nobody has ever really finished a game enough to have over 30 objects.
  • which game do you mean? Post a link, I'll take a look at it to see if anything isn't right.
  • Never mind. I inspected the objects in my levels and some of them got replaced by other objects. I put the original objects back where the should be, so now that's fixed.
    I also checked "position" in some of my objects. For some reason, some of them were switched to "use pixels", and I swear on my life I never did that.

    There's one bug that's bothering me, I will message grazer momentarily
  • No one has made a game with over 30 objects??????? Damn, I am going to need about 30 objects for the first level alone never mind an object based intro, cut scenes and menu...

    I get the feeling that no one is using this app to its full extent.
  • I mean most people make grass and dirt, a character, and 4 enemies, maybe a coin or something too. Once they see that it's a lot harder to make a game than they thought, they give up, adding another dead game to the sites million.
  • I have noticed :D
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