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edited May 2017 in General
Since I can't comment I made a discussion... grazer you can delete this discussion but the SPAM DOES NOT STOP and it's really freaking me out. WE NEED A DEFENSIVE SYSTEM


  • Dammit, we need a "I'm not a bot" thingy to stop future spams... and this one, if it goes on for long. What kind of spam attack is this :neutral:
  • Hey, I just added recaptcha to user signups - but apparently that didn't stop this jerk :(

    I've added a couple more hoops, so hopefully that will slow it down.
  • Hopefully it stops soon. I got all panicky for a second :/
  • I wonder what's going wrong if even a spam test works :(
  • That spam test was me
  • edited June 2017
    Luckily though, there seems to be less thanks to grazer's hoops

    Or... never mind
  • It seems like we're dealing with some real spammers (or hackers) here. Either the bot's really clever or they're actually using real people to do this
  • Yeah, I think they are real people - they are getting through recaptcha :astonished:
  • WHAT DID I MISS??????????
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