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Inputs into bundles translate to "1" & switches bug

edited May 2017 in Bugs
If you were to take any input that is not equal to 1, and input it into a bundle. It turns into a 1...
If you go here, not all the switches stay on in the character select object... if you turn one on, one of the others go off, and its a never ending cycle.


  • The exporters also need to be updated.
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  • I just updated the exporters tonight, and the bundle input value issue should be fixed now as well. Thanks for reporting it!
  • @grazer any idea about the switches issue?
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  • I didn't see the switches comment, I guess I read it too fast the first time around. Anyway, I checked it out and the switches seem to be working ok when I tried it. Can you give me a specific set of steps to try? I just opened up the character select behavior and started flipping the switches on, and they didn't do anything funky that I could see.
  • The strange thing is if you don't open the editor while using it, it works fine... maybe the problem fixed itself, oh well...
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  • Exporter keeps failing to export move and retry..
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  • Is it possibly some sort of display problem - like maybe the switches were operating properly, but the indicator lights were incorrect?
  • When one was fixed, the one before it went out... the weirder thing is how it was off, but the indicator was on, and vice Versace.
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