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SB2: Pacifism Revamped and more!

Pacifism mode in SB2 was originally very predictable and boring, and the very best strategy was to just fly around in circles hoping that not too many enemies would spawn in your way.

That is no more.

The asteroid spawn rate is now twice as fast, and will spawn anywhere outside the grid and make its way toward the center, then back out to the opposite side.

This effectively makes the higher scores easier to achieve, while keeping players on their toes.

Click to Play

Click "pacifism" in the game modes section of the menu, then click "go" or press space.

Other modes may be reworked depending on what may be needed.

Also, BOSSES mode has its own theme! Give it a listen


  • edited June 12
    @grazer What do you think of this game now that its practically done? (Although I may throw in a few new modes and mechanics later, such as a leveling system)

    This is my second game to actually be completed. Everything else is still W.I.P or dead...
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  • Bumpity bumpity bump bump
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • edited June 19
    So I'm wondering: would a settings screen be a good idea?
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • Added a credits screen
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • @PixelPizza this is what I meant
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • I can't play because my processor is too slow XD
    but from what I saw, it seemed pretty nice. But I couldn't get the full effect :S
  • edited June 18
    @Luminous700 Yeah, even my computer at home is slowing down when it's active. To tone it down a little I may have all of the proximities replaced with mailboxes and have the player object send the coordinates that way. It may become less laggy this way. But all of the enemies will now become aware of the player instead of having that limited detection. This could enhance or ruin the gameplay. Not sure yet
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • i lost myself in the screen :/
  • edited June 18
    @PixelPizza I may have a little pointer that points out your ship when the key is held
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • @jngthree - I'm super impressed with how far SB2 has gotten. My wife looked over my shoulder while I was testing it the other night and said "Wow, was that made with Flowlab!?" :open_mouth:

    Anyway, I'll try to take a look at the latest version in a profiler and see if there are some simple things that could be done to make it run more smoothly on older machines.
  • edited June 19
    @grazer that means a lot. Thanks :)

    Just curious, what's your favorite gamemode?

    Personally I prefer max mode.
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  • edited June 20
    Update: when the grid flashes different colors, there is now a glowing effect

    Another update: when grid tiles are affected by wormholes they look better too.
    @grazer the grid animation for wormholes flicker. Even when the editor dictates when it won't.
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  • That may need its own discussion
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • @Latif3 what do you think?
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • edited June 22
    I got 31760 :open_mouth: in pacifism

    I like it
  • @latif3 that's higher than my high score
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • edited June 29
    An enemy type returns! The saucer from the original game!

    @grazer for some reason the new enemies won't retrieve the message "X" and won't detect collisions from certain objects unless there is a collision node set to "any" in the object- even if there is a collision used in the parent.
    "X" is sent from the ship to "e .parent" and all of it's child objects when a bomb is used OR the player dies, but for some reason the two enemies aren't affected by it.

    new enemy types: Saucer - faster than the player, but can only travel on one axis at a time, alternating.
    Rocket- WAY faster than the player, but cannot turn while moving, will stop to adjust its direction. it is also unique with the fact that it
    is not solid, so it will pass through other enemies and the borders, making them really dangerous

    also, rockets will sometimes appear in pacifism at 1:10 ratio.
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  • edited July 4
    Two new shop items!

    Power Regen: after taking damage you will regenerate (10 HP a second) once two seconds has passed.

    Quick Bombs: cuts the bomb cooldown time from 1 minute to 30 seconds

    My web Site, "the console" =

  • edited July 2
    I got 3.65 million in pacifism because of the Regen. ON MY FIRST LIFE

    Eventually I lasted long enough to the point where I knew that it needed to be an intensity mechanic for pacifism.

    1 minute passes = spawn rate goes from .5 to .3

    2 minutes pass= spawn rate goes from .3 to .1
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • @grazer what do you think I should bring in next?
    My web Site, "the console" =

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