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Some kind of land builder test

A game where you can build your own city. It might become a game, but right now it's a test. So there's nothing REALLY interesting right now, but it does include some basics. Like building houses and workplaces, improving buildings, collecting and paying money, villagers moving in. Though it's not as big as it sounds XD
I'll probably make my decision based on the poll below and you guys's opinion. So please leave a vote if you can :)
A poll
  1. A survey8 votes
    1. Make it a game
    2. Leave it as a test


  • AWESOME!!! xD i love it

    but needs more mechanics like:
    everytime u bought a workplace u would win like 5 coins per second
    because the 4 star workplace its very cheap,
    And the people could walk around and talk to each other

    dude this is so awesome!
    i have so many ideias for this

    I love the ideia
    I',m 100/10 sure that i would play it on my mobile
    Good job! Keep going!
    (please :) )
  • Oh i can move and talk

    Ohhhh ok i see
    theres a lot more that i didnt knew

    *loving it*
  • jogo
    addicted? nah
    i wanted so save my progress :(
  • thanks!!

    Idk how to save... and I'll probably add more things soon, including a save mechanic IF I EVER FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO IT
    Thank you for the ideas, I'd really appreciate some these days

  • I Like it :)
  • Any updates?
  • Not a lot :frown:
    a gardening system I'm working on... two new citizens :/
    that's it

    When will you update awakening??

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