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Super Gorilla Tennis - Now available to download from the App Store (iOS)


I've built and released a new game using Flowlab - Super Gorilla Tennis that's now on the App Store. I'll also export a version to Amazon and Google during the course of the next week.

There a few things I'd like to tweak but it's out there just before the Wimbledon finals this weekend!

Here's the link if you would like to check it out:







  • @muddyapples good job...

    I gotta learn how to do this soon...
  • Anyway, I found this really hard. The highest I could get out of 10 plays was 80.

    The graphics are great, and the music in the title screen was pretty cool too...

    Maybe make a mode where you actually have to beat the CPU in a tennis match?
  • @jngthree I'm hopefully going to put together a guide to getting a Flowlab game on the App Store, the keychain access, certificates and bundle ids can be a tad tricky when you're first starting out.

    Even just getting your game on your Apple device to test can be a challenge!

    Thanks for downloading and giving the game a try. I'll definitely consider a version where you can play against the CPU. I'll also have a look at the difficulty curve.

  • This game is actually very very fun, until I rage quitted.....
  • @iAmBlake thanks! 'rage quitted' - lol!
  • It's okay now. I played it on my computer and got to 100!! This game is very addicting and I am sure it will thrive through the app store, good luck!
  • nice job! I really like it, and I downloaded it on my phone. It would be nice if there were ads every other game or something though, but other than that its a really addicting game!
  • Thanks XxCarbotxX for taking a look and downloading, I'm just testing out a few things with ads. Cross promotion I think is helping but I need to delve more into the stats.
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