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"AWAKENING" UPDATE - that I wanted for a long time

edited July 2017 in General
I just came back from vacation and I'm going to continue this game.
I'm going to work hard again.
I want to improve the game, change a lot of things that I'm not happy with and make sense of everything that exists in the game.
I hope it goes well. And I hope you all are well.

However while I was "out" I did not totally leave the game ... I added:
+ 1 boss called Ekulo (summon tentacles and stuns you)
+ 1 new arena for the Lion Tamer Boss
+ New songs every 2 bosses
+ New scenarios every 2 bosses
+ Half of Lion Tamer Boss's intro
+ The company intro ahah (it's really bad)
- I had created a looot of history / lore / prologue but I gave up everything because it was very bad (in my opinion). I devoted a lot of time to this story but I had to erase it. (The story even came with a new main character)

I'm sorry for my absence ... I'm trying to create a career as Graphic Designer so I sort of let the flowlab aside but not totally and I'm coming back :)

I hope this is good news haha ;-; :D
Love u all <3


  • ok i just deleted the scientist boss level
    goddamn it
  • edited July 2017
    Huh..... remember that "god" character Mhx was talking about with a blue/white palette?

    He should be a boss you encounter multiple times, with the game calling him "???." He nearly kills you every time but leaves you with a new ability until the last one where you discover his weakness, which then temporarily turns his blue/white colors into red/white like everything. If you don't manage to kill him in time, he will turn blue and begin to attack you until he turns red again.
  • IMG_0818 just an idea of what he'd look like, but you might wanna change it
  • Yess! I remember!
    And yes it's a good ideia but first i need a reason to main character wanted to be killed and why he wants to kill everybody. Why "???" is blue? Where is he from? etc.
    Like I said I want to give sense to the game.
    But i'm sure i'll do something lilke that.....

    Another thing he wanted to do was put more gameplay into the game (instead of just throwing arrows at titans and so on). It would use their own environment / arena to kill the boss.

    Example: The Boss was a Firemancer so you had to get him to walk into the water or throw water ... something like that.
    The example is very simple but in other cases it would look very good

    That would give the genre of Puzzle to an action game (which I like)
    The player would have to die a few times until he understood the boss's weakness, his moves, and what he had to do.
    Doing so would imply giving more personality to bosses, giving more abilities, and creating more interactive arenas / environments.

    I have great plans for this :) I'm excited
  • That's the point, his background and motives are shrouded in mystery.
  • Maybe his weakness is you reflecting a projectile back at him, turning him red
  • A galactic background would be nice for a final boss
  • edited July 2017
    and how he would go to the space? we'll see

  • OK guys! I had to remake the Scientist boss 'cause i deleted unintentionally
    this is the new Scientist (it's soooo much better and i took all day to do this (i done a lot of things and only one idea was selected xD))

    I will not tell you how to defeat the boss.
    Try to find out for yourself
    Hint: you have to use the environment to defeat it

    Let me know in the comments if you managed how defeat him

    link to the game:

    he is the 6th boss
    You can skip the first 5 bosses through the editor

  • I beat it!
    Really cool idea. That's awesome
  • edited July 2017
    Anyway, my idea of the ??? character would be him doing all these ungodly moves like summoning pillars of light that are almost unavoidable, but tricking him into hitting himself would weaken him.

    Or maybe he takes the form of other titans, but each titan is significantly weaker, but when one form is defeated he shifts to the next.
  • so if i do that u would kinda play the same game twice.... killing everyone 2 times xD
  • sorta, but its more of a challenge now that your health doesn't come back.
  • Guys now each boss do u want me to update?
    I'm thinking of the Lion Tamer Boss or the Hapru Boss
    what about you?
    Thunder Boss? Giant Spear? Hapru? Lion Tamer? or Ekulo the tentacle guy?

    that's the Lion Tamer Boss now (with a semi-Intro)(i dont have much ideas for him but i want to finish it 'cause its half way done):
    lion tamer

    And the Hapru Boss (i have ideas even for the background(it needs to be changued 'cause it's already on 3 bosses):
  • so nobody said nothing so I guess I'll do an menu and in-story tutorial because a lot of people need it
  • Why not have a boss that joins your side once defeated, and can do damage to other titans
  • I already had that in mind
    it's already being made.... u will see heheh
  • I will do an video update (/dev video) very soon!!!
    I want to put a lot of work in the video :) so if I take a little bit longer.... yeah.. sorry

    (and an original logo for the companie is coming :) i hope that everything goes fine with this big plan)
  • This game is really coming along. It's super hard though - I'm terrible at it :(
  • Any Suggestions so I can improve the gameplay?
  • Maybe I missed it, but a tutorial or controls menu is super helpful to people not following the forums. I died 3 times before figuring out how to walk, and I still have no idea how to fight. Also, clicking anything or hitting space to skip the splash screen at the beginning will help a ton, because I spent a lot of time on that unskippable screen after dying so much. Game looks great as expected, those are my only notes.
  • U ARE ALIVE!!! hi @Mhx Aîr !!!

    yes sure i will do it! Thanks

    btw the controls are AWSD to walk and holding left click or J key t o shoot
  • That would have been very helpful when I was pressing every other key, lol. Yeah, I'm still around. I don't have access to a computer very often, since my laptop crashed.
    I'm not looking forward to remaking all my sprites, and got pretty bummed and just went offline for months. I'll be back after I move into my new house and get a new laptop. I have a few concepts I need to build, just for the sake of knowing what I can or can't do in flowlab. One thing that will always bother me, is that I can't zoom in or out in 2D games, which makes the draw limit on screen a pain in fast moving games, like a Sonic game. You can't see what's coming up ahead.

    Anyway, just a controls interface, or tutorial boss would be great. Skipping the title splash screen would save a ton of time for people testing the game. That blue god boss, forgot all about that, yeah, that still sounds cool, playing an all white and red game for hours, and suddenly, blue, like that's a plot twist. You can do whatever you want with your game, it's coming along very very nicely. Your graphics and spriting are fantastic.
  • We have spoilers in the flowlab forum??!
  • A lifelong secret is revealed!
  • I updated everything in the day i commented
    When you die it automactily resets the level
    The credits now are skippable with a left click

    And the tutorial i'm working on it
    I want to make an "hunting-tutorial"
    The player haves to hunt a creature ( I DONT HAVE ANY GOOD IDEAS FOR THE CREATURE) without been seen
    The level is done
    the key showcase is done
    only lefts the creature and his behaviours
  • You could make it a spirit deer that has particle flakes floating away from it and fading away. The spirit takes forms to guide you in the game.

    Yes there are spoilers. A while back, Vanilla started accepting some bbcode instead of only html.

    The code for spoilers is ]spoiler[ "insert text or image" ]/spoiler[
    Just flip the ][ around to [] a box.
  • edited August 2017
    Oops wrong thread
  • Starblast 2 is going to steam someday, I swear
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