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making a turret (enemy turret)

how to make a turret that is immovable and shoot bullets?


  • -create an object
    -go to behaviors
    -choose timer from "triggers", make it repeat forever
    -choose emit from "components" and connect with timer
    -Make an object the turret has to emit
    -Make that object movable
    -Go back to the turret, choose emit, scroll down on "Object to emit" and choose the object you want the turret to shoot.
  • If you want it to aim at the player,

    -pick proximity
    -pick "pointat"

    Set the proximity to the player and set the range of it to your liking.

    Then connect the two things together. But make sure you match the inputs
  • I've made a game (it's not done and I will never finish it :p). Do you want turrets like that?
  • how do you make it turn faster?
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