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Update - added iOS GameCenter leaderboards

edited September 2017 in Announcements
This was a relatively small update, but there is a new "Leaderboard" behavior that allows posting high scores to an Apple GameCenter leaderboard. I also moved the mobile-only behaviors into their own section named "Mobile Devices".


  • WHAT!? Awesome!!!

    Now we just need google play services
  • I'm investigating that now
  • You know, even though this was quite possible before...

    This means, we can have a fully functional achievement system

    Back when saving first came out. I came up with a series of ways to make achievements work.

    Basically each achievement would be saved as 0 (not achieved yet) or 1 (achieved)

    If I'm correct, a possible new node would allow this to be carried on to google/Game Center to make this a heck of a lot more official.
  • how do i use the leaderboards?
  • It can only be used on IOS games
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