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Beginner tutorial videos are back :)

A long time ago I made tutorial videos for beginners. Then I decided making the videos again because grazer gave me a license or bandicam so I can make videos without a watermark. I deleted the old videos and wanted to upload the new ones but an error keeps showing up and I didn't understand why it wasn't working.

The last few days I was working on new videos because I remembered it and I felt pretty sad for grazer. I kept deleting the videos because I didn't feel right with them and I had to restart everything a few times and cut some parts from the videos. But it's finally done :)

Here's the playlist:

And this is a link

There are currently 7 videos, I will make more soon. Any suggestions for new videos are welcome.


  • Awesome, thanks!! They look great :)
  • Will you add them somewhere in the help page again?

    The old one is gone.
  • Suggestion: spriting

    Show them drawing tips on how to make sprites.

    Maybe display some programs like
  • edited August 12
    Will make it separate from the series
  • edited August 14
    @grazer Will it be in the help page again? I'm really sorry that the old ones were deleted. I'm just trying to help and want the best for beginners in flowlab so they keep creating awesome games.
  • Hey @Latif3 - I'll add some links to your tutorial vids for sure. I plan to make some other changes to that section as well.

    I've also been working on making new tutorial videos myself to add as well, but I'm super slow at it so it;s taking forever.
  • Hey @Latif3 I make some flowlab videos to, when I dont to other tutorials/gameplay. I was wondering if u wanted to do some sorta challenge series where we have like, 10 minutes or something to make a type of game. then we check out eachothers game, and decide whos is better?

    Tell me if you do, was just a small idea xD
  • (blink) Latif3 will be hard to beat...
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