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Starblast 3- update log



  • edited July 2018
    Man, I can't even survive a few minutes, and you made it HARDER?
  • @Mhx Aîr everyone loves a challenge!
  • Each ship now has its own reticle C1AED12E-1D96-43EC-8E03-3364E71C2CB9
  • Just finished a new mode: AA67F09D-CF14-461E-8EFD-9F81CCE90BB2

    This mode only lets you have a single life, with only 500 ammo, once the ammo is all used up. The game ends. Right now the spawn rate is at default, but i may lower it based on feedback
  • Also I revamped the menu
  • There’s now no bullet deviation when playing Stock, so you can shoot with precision for more efficiency
  • Sick! This game is super pretty and very fun to play! I wish I could make something like this! Your practice really shows!
  • It’s been a while since my last update, but some feedback from someone saying I’ve deviated from the main art style too much, so starting today, I will be going back and redoing some sprites. The eye boss sprite has been redone, and I plan on doing more.
  • edited October 2018
    Changes made in 10/11/18:
    Reworked green (homing) shots- instead of directly aiming at their target, they will now slowly rotate. This may act as a buff, or a nerf, depending on the situation. Still a work in progress for mobile. The GUI is kinda unresponsive at times.

    A new mechanic for every gamemode: Satellites!

    You can have up to 2 out at a time, and they will remain on the bullet board until you lose a life, in which you can spawn them again, otherwise, they are completely invincible. They will face the direction you’re facing when you drop them, and will fire at any enemy that enters their line of site. Meaning you can strategically place them to rack up a higher score and defend yourself against the onslaught of enemies. They not only allow a greater bit of firepower, but provide utility and will also fire a blue or green bullet sometimes.

    Pressing Q will spawn a blue one, and E will spawn a red one. If you try to spawn a satellite that is already out, it will change directions then will move to your location, firing at any enemy that it sees along the way.
  • edited September 2019
    A couple of new enemies have joined the roster, Making a grand total of 18.

    Snake, slithers in your general direction, leaving a trail that can block bullets and insta-kill. Aim at the head. If the tail kills you, don’t move or you might die again.

    Spook, slowly tries to face your direction by rotating overtime. If it does, expect a crap ton of bullets.
  • E68A7B9A-4512-447A-843E-46E1992EC3CE

    The newest powerup, which adds temporary firepower, shooting in the opposite direction of your input.
  • -QuickStart menu patched in...
  • menu has been improved, with certain things like mobile edition and highscores now appearing
  • These engine updates are murdering my game!

  • Anyways, I plan on making another gamemode while I wait for my game to get fixed (or until I finally decide to clone SB3 and try to rebuild the broken mechanics). Anyway, this may be the last gamemode... and this makes gamemode number 10 (9 if you don’t count the tutorial) so that’s cool!

    Anyway, this mode is all about rhythm and bosses! Well... A boss, but I’m not going to spoil anything. Stay in touch!

    Also, try to avoid using the editor, I don’t want you to accidentally spoil the fun!
  • edited September 2019
    Had issues with Zones Mode, so I found it was easier to remove it than fix it, and it seems that nobody ever played it anyway.

    Nevertheless, here’s some new things!
    Triple shot is slightly “denser” allowing more crowd control options
    Your bullets will ignore collisions with other bullets for 2 frames, so they don’t cancel.
    Enemy bullets ignore collisions with other enemy bullets
    Prism boss has slightly denser bullet pattern in its sequence.

    SB2 gets an update too!
    Cores no longer block shots when active!
    Explosions are better!
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