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Starblast 3- update log



  • Anyway- The next Starblast may be 3D. Not sure
  • what a sequel ahah YOU GO BOIIIIIII
  • But that's later, gotta focus on getting 3 up to par- and then some
  • Anyway, a new power up is coming
  • edited September 2017
    Made the counter play an animation when you get an extra life

    I'm a little proud of it.
  • Well what I was gonna do with Vortex back when it worked, was every 50 enemies you kill, the game spawns newer stronger enemies, until around 300 enemies, all the enemies would get sucked into a black hole, and become a boss battle. I never got to get that far, but maybe you could have a boss mode.
  • edited September 2017
    Oh, interesting.

    I might do that.

    Knowing me, I'm probably going to do some over-the-top effects. Like all the enemies freezing, move to the middle. Fade out. A powerup seemingly spawns, appears to glitch, and becomes a red pentagram, white lightning with rainbow particles strikes the middle about 2-3 times, then a boss appears, temporarily turning off the normal spawners.

    This would mean a separate mode, because this would be a huge change of pace- which is not good most of the time.

  • Not all power ups can be good, right? (Hint hint)
  • Ok, so a powerup of sorts can sometimes do a horrible thing instead of helping you.

    Be careful when you play now
  • edited September 2017
    @grazer, every now and then a boss enemy is supposed to spawn, but it's only supposed to have one at a time. But every time it emits it emits two.

    Right now I undid it for the sake of the game
  • edited September 2017
    And then my own stupidity hit me- I have two active spawners

    wish there was a way to make it to where only one was capable of spawning it, without having to make a serpetate type.

    Anyway- I noticed switches looking like they're acting up, because while one switch may be turned off in one object, the other other one will still be on. And since inputs from all objects show in the logic builder, it really confused me

    For now, I have a messaging system (as usual) for this to prevent two bosses spawning
  • A campaign mode would make this game awesome.

    Keep up the great work! :D
  • edited September 2017
    Make an object that only spawns bosses based on messages. That will fix your problem, right?
  • @Mhx Aîr

    That could work.

    I don't want bosses in every mode, so this would be cool
  • edited September 2017

    A campaign, Eh?

    If I did, it'd probably be just a series of levels with time limits and challenges and certain enemies in a certain level and other stuff
  • Idea: android instant app called "Starblast frenzy."

    It's a little spin-off that basically is classic mode. But is designed for short sessions (high scores wouldn't be recorded, as the app is automatically removed when finished)
  • edited September 2017
    Update: because of attached objects now able to receive messages, a D-Pad for shooting is now underway. For testing purposes (however this will stay that way), autofire is turned off, but can be toggled by the center of the dpad (just a lone circle right now)
  • Update: added a little bubble so you'll know just how big the "zone" is in zones mode
  • edited September 2017
    Yo @Mhx Aîr

    I want to make boss enemies, but I don't know what to add.
    Boss enemies are generally 3 times the size of a normal enemy, and there can only be one at a time

    Any ideas
  • Well if I were making a shooting Boss, I'd give it a rotating cannon or two that point at the player, with a delayed fire so you can outrun the bullets, and every 5 seconds it reloads and stops shooting, then fires a few homing missiles at you, then blasts lasers in a + or x shape randomly, while always slightly motor moving towards your player.
  • @grazer did you start a build? I was gonna export for windows so I could extract some assets for editing. It can wait though, so don't cancel it
  • @grazer said build is still going
  • Hey @jngthree - that was my fault, I was running builds trying to fix that android crash you reported. It should be all fixed up, and I have restarted the build again. It should be complete within an hour.
  • edited September 2017
    @grazer can't remember where I posted, but all of a sudden the movement D-Pad isn't working. The shooting Pad was working fine when I tested it.

    Clicking and hovering moves the ship, but dragging to another segment stops it, but it faces the proper direction.

    The switch to turn them on is found in the lower right corner in the main menu

    Edit: now even shooting isn't working! But clicking the center segment still turns on autofire
  • @jngthree - can you post a link? I'll check it out.
  • I'm a fast responder- hopefully you're still here:
  • I dunno why, but I'm enjoying my own game, a lot- I found myself on the edge of my chair when facing a boss enemy.
  • Yeah, I'm still here - I didn't realize you were talking about the regular SB3 version, I just noticed the d pad enable button. I'll check this out and let you know what I find.
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