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Starblast 3- update log



  • edited September 2017
    I am hovering my mouse on either pad, then quickly moving the mouse to another section of the pad

    The correct behavior should be changing direction AND moving-

    The incorrect behavior it's showing right now is changing direction but not moving or shooting (depending on which pad you're using)

    It was working correctly but then stopped working.

  • edited September 2017
    Update: bosses only spawn in classic mode now. They also have a 10 second cooldown, so they won't spawn as often

    Oh, and now an awesome theme plays when you fight one
  • edited September 2017
    Hey @jngthree - this took some head scratching, but I think I figured the D-Pad problems out. The issue is that the mailboxes were not sorting correctly. When you move quickly from one button to the next, two messages can get sent to the ship in the same frame: "Stop" and "Go". When the ship checks its mailboxes, if it happened to check them in the right order then they worked, otherwise they didn't. Shooting is the same issue.

    I fixed the mailbox sorting, but you need to make a tweak to the logic: in the "Gun" object, you need to make sure that the "Stop" mailbox is to the left of the "Go" mailbox, so that "Stop" always gets checked first (all triggers fire from left to right and top to bottom). This way when the Gun has both a Stop and Go message at the same time, it will stop and then go again.

    Does that all make sense? If not, let me know and I'll try to clarify further.

    Also, I think I found a bug in SB3 while I was testing: It appears that the tutorial cannot be completed if you have turned auto-fire on.
  • edited September 2017
    Well I only play classic mode so XD
  • edited September 2017
    Autofire doesn't necessarily target the white square, as it is not an enemy, but I'll try to make autofire target it
  • edited September 2017
    @grazer like this?

  • edited September 2017

    The app on Google play has been updated.

    You'll find it very...... "touching"

    I'm gonna try that whole "Arcwelder" thing
  • edited September 2017
    And to think... I started working on this game just a couple of weeks ago... and look where it is now...

    @grazer thanks for the help
  • @jngthree you should totally make this a steam game, if you did I would buy it, no question.
  • @XxCarbotxX I wanted to do that with SB2 when I was working on it- maybe I can do it for SB3 instead.
  • edited September 2017
    Gave the eye boss a more pixelated look, to fit the theme more

    If you don't like it, I have an object with the old sprite, just in case you want to change it back. I may change it back eventually, depending on everyone's opinion
  • Personally, I would like it if the pixelated version had an animation (since it would be easier to make one). If it's normal, I think I might prefer the original version... idk
  • @grazer what do you think?

    Also- I may add a glow shader to fit the theme even more
  • So this came upon me: that first boss- needs to be original.

    Let's come up with a reskin, shall we?
  • hmmm an eye in space?

    He could shots laser from pupil and try to grab you with the red things (i dont know what it is called) like tentacles

    He is an eye
    He could see the future too so maybe randomly he can dodge your bullets (?)
    Hope i helped
  • No, as in make him "not an eye"

    And it would be disgusting if he tried to grab you with the arteries
  • i dunno then
  • Hmmm, how about a... SPACE BULL! That shoots homing rainbow stars at you... wut...
  • @jngthree ima little behind, and dunno much bcause couldnt be on for a bit, but the eye boss looks like it was inspired a lot by Terraria's boss, The Eye Of Cthulhu
  • edited October 2017
    @XxCarbotxX It was- matter of fact thats why I pixelated it- so it would fit the theme more.

    I'm wanting to make all of the bosses act similar to what they're based off of, but not to the point where it's copyright infringement

    With the addition of completely original ones too
  • A spaceship boss that has a wide hitbox, has a random cannon that repeatedly shoots in random locations, and a machine gun that actually follows you around. The spaceship doesn't always point at you but slowly shifts its position to where you are from time to time. It'll sometimes stop and fire a huge laser beam where it's facing. It can also go off-screen and target the spaceship from above, then it'll crash down on a random space on the arena. It absorbs every enemy unit it touches and turns them into health. He can only be attacked when he's vulnerable.

    Dishing out all the ideas from the top of my head. Lol
  • edited October 2017
    So @Luminous700 you're wanting me to create hell? Ok!

    As far as passive movement does he behave similar to the eye? (When he's not charging the player)
  • edited October 2017
    Idk... maybe the machine gun moves first and the ship just turns toward it.

    What about "real" bosses? You fill the gauge by killing enemies and getting powerups, and if it's completely filled a real boss appears. Normal units spawn half as much... and the gauge goes down again. If you beat the boss you get a HUGE point bonus
    I think they could be made in something like a "Hard" mode

    It's super complicated but I think you can do it. Or is it even possible? (Like the boss and the gauge thingy)
  • So basically bosses mode from SB2
  • @grazer in the simulation, i cant drag the mouse after clicking

    i borrowed my friend's phone, and dragging the finger on the touch-pad doesn't work either
  • @grazer I don't think "over and out" works with mobile
  • IMG_1394 new boss coming soon
  • edited October 2017
    This boss will be one of the hardest bosses in the history of flowlab

    If you want a sneek peek go to the test level

    It has 3 different attacks-

    Summoning 1-3 laser cannons to attack the player, Striking the player with lightning, or charging up its main cannon and firing a laser at the player. (It cannot turn when priming up the laser, but is invincible)

    When low on health- it begins to get desperate and attacks faster
  • "Hardest Boss"?? ahah hold my beer

    (just a joke)
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