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Starblast 3- update log



  • The message is sent from the bullet or the enemies?
  • Messages are de-duplicated, meaning if you send the same message multiple times before the recipient checks their mailbox, it only counts as a single message. Could this be causing your problems?
  • The way is that the game has a certain amount of enemies that it spawns, and always keeps count of how many the player has taken down, when the number of the enemies taken is equivalent to the amount set, the next wave begins and everything resets, except the number is routhly larger
  • @grazer another thing, can there be “global saves” which saves for *everyone?*

    This would make the game keep track of the highest score ever made.

    It would also feature a initial thing like the old arcade games
  • Hmmm- how about a mode with no boarders, and the enemies actually have health instead of always being destroyed in one shot..
  • There’s a glitch going on right now, it’s screwing up eases apparently. Either that or positions
  • That position (extractor) bug should now be fixed - thanks for reporting it
  • Thank you @grazer...

    Also, did you ever play evolved? I fixed it somewhat
  • My computer is super old and it did not take an online game well...
  • You should probably download it, and turn both Quality on Low and turn off dynamic turning
  • edited January 2018
    Just split the Wave Rider enemy into 3

    The Wave Rider Straight- Only goes in a single direction- is currently not in use

    Wave rider passive- what you’re used to, a random direction.

    Wave rider aggressive: actually targets you.
  • The bomb mechanic from SB2 is back!
  • So, building off the bomb mechanic, comes something similar- disposable powerups. Each one has a cooldown of a minute, and can be used at any time.

    There’s the bomb, which everyone already knows, then there’s the Health Refill, which refills the bar back to full health!
  • I like the abilitys but I'm not sure they are in the right keys
  • @PixelPizza those were just for easy access by shifting your hand down a bit- what would be more comfortable to you?

    Also, there’s a new ability that allows you to dash- and it regenerates insanely fast
  • Oh Idk ... I have to stop moving to use it that's why I said it...
    But I don't have an idea of what key should be

    (This is my english at 3 am)
  • It’s spot on...
  • I’d like to bring something up...

    I made a Customization Screen.
    It’s basically your standard arena, with some of the GUI showing.

    However, clicking those things will change them, and affect them in game- although everything is cosmetic and it doesn’t affect gameplay.

    Remember how in SB2 the borders constantly changed colors? That’s a thing now (Still work in Progress)
  • There’s a Blue little customize button.
  • Actually yes... what about:

    - Mission/Objectives (Like kill 100 "red cubes" in one game)
    - Customizable Ship Stats (Speed, Hp, Speed etc)
    - A Boss Rush mode (only bosses)
    - A defend something mode?
    - A book with the enemies?
  • Ok, so like.. jet pack joyride like missions?

    Custom ship stats: I’ll do that, but I have to make sure the game remains balanced.

    Boss rush- ooooh boy! That was my favorite mode in SB2

    And a guide to all of the enemy types.... that seems doable
  • Hold on... red cubes!?
  • edited February 2018
    That’s funny- I’m working on a new type of chaser, but it’s purple
  • I can see the future ;)
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