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Read This Before Posting: Forum Rules

Flowlab has been around since 2012, and I've been here since 2013. We have never really had an official rules thread, but eventually it may serve useful. @grazer is the admin and creator of flowlab, and is in charge of what rules matter or not, but I'll post some base forum rules and see where it goes.


Basic forum rules

• Don't spam. Spam includes the following:
. * Making too many topics for no reason.
. * Posting too many times in a row.
. * Posting too fast.
. * Posting anything that doesn't benefit the topic.
. * Posting less than 5 words.
. * Posting ads for something that has nothing to do with flowlab.
. * Excessive shitposting.

• You don't have to be nice, but if you want people to like you and help you, you should be as mature as you feel you should be.

• We don't really have a rule on swearing, but this isn't the place to do it in a negative manner. Most forums I've been a part of allow minor swearing, but since a lot of new users are young students, it would be best to not swear, unless you have a good reason for it, like if you made an 18+ game like GTA, Duke Nukem, or something of that sort. In that case, add 18+ to the thread title. Don't use swearing to insult anyone or criticize their games.

• Again, try not to post too much, so the community, grazer and I don't have to read every single post, if the posts didn't help the topic.

Asking for help

• If we can help you, we will try, but keep your questions reasonable, and use as much detail as possible.

• Try to use the search bar to find your question, before making a new topic or post. If you want to search for "How do I make an enemy chase me?", don't do that. Type "enemy chase" with the "" quotation marks. Quotation marks are for exact word searches. If you just want a tutorial on coins, "coin" "make coins" "make a coin", and similar searches should bring results.

• If you really can't find your question, make a new help topic, and use as much detail and use the best grammar that you can, so we can understand the problem better in order to help you. Try to make a paragraph, post a link to your game, and if possible, a picture/video/example of another game might help us understand what you're trying to do.

• Don't have too many topics. If you're talking about your game, you only need one topic for one game. This topic can be used for questions and game updates.

• Don't harass other members for help. We all are very busy with outside life and our own games. If we help you, it's because we wanted to. If you make people not want to help you, they won't.

• If you don't get any replies on your topic, don't keep posting, especially if the topic has been seen or read a lot. Not all questions can be answered, or some questions have been answered many times and you can find your answer by searching.

Welcome to

• Have fun, make friends, and we hope you stay a long time and learn a lot about game development. We would love to see your ideas hit the app store one day.


If you believe there should be any rules added or removed, comment below with a good reason or two why. Otherwise, try to keep this thread empty, so I don't have to lock it.


  • edited September 2017
    Suggestion: make sure to post a link, and include a picture of what you need help with if needed.

    Editing because I don't want to clutter this forum: oops, didn't quite catch it @Mhx Aîr
  • @jngthree
    Asking for help, 3rd bullet down.
    It's already up there.
  • edited September 2017
    How about something on copyrighted content.

    (See if you can't remove this comment once done)
  • I was going to add a legal section, but I keep getting a message that I do not have permission to make announcements anymore.

    @grazer were my permissions removed? It's fine if you did remove them. It's your forum, and I just wanted to help out a bit. If not, I'm not sure why I can't edit this announcement.

    I was going to add the following.

    Uploading content/Legal terms

    • Do not upload any sounds, images, or music to the forums or into your games, if you do not have permission to do so. If you do have permission, please credit the creators of that media you uploaded.

    • Do not try to sell or upload copyrighted material to the App store or Google play store. Sega might like their fans, but Nintendo doesn't. Either way, flowlab is not responsible for any copyright infringement of any IP, as you are provided with the tools to code, but what you do with those tools is completely on you. Any lawsuit received for your copyright infringement is on you. Your game (and account if necessary) will be removed if a cease and desist or any copyright lawsuit demands so. Make sure you own the rights to use or have permissions for all your uploaded content.

    • Do not use flowlab to violate the law. This goes for local and international laws that may apply. You can and will be held responsible for any violations.
  • @Mhx Aîr - I didn't remove any permissions, and I just checked and saw that you're still a moderator. You should have permissions to make an announcement, not sure why it would complain.
  • edited September 2017
    I get this error when I try to edit this topic. I don't understand why, because I was able to edit the buglist last week. Also, the edit signature button takes me to a blank page. Not sure why either of these happen. I also cannot edit or remove other user's posts in the announcement thread, but I can in a regular thread. The gear icon for options doesn't even appear. I can function normally in the buglist announcement. It's so weird. Do announcement threads suddenly have very specific permissions now? Anyway, what do you think of these rules? Should we keep these, or does it not really matter?

  • I have located the issue. The Announcements category has super permissions, and only admins can edit, move, or delete anything in the announcements category. Buglist works, because it is an announcement in the bugs category. Announcements permissions are out of my reach, so @grazer, you will have to either edit my permissions, the category permissions, or move the topic to general. That should fix the problems, so I can wipe the comments in this thread and edit the topic.

  • A five words rule?
  • edited September 2017
    I think some threads should be sticky, but still closed so no one can post. Like this one.
  • edited September 2017
    I'd sticky and close it, but I can't even edit or delete it until @grazer moves it out of the announcements to general, or changes some privileges. I only had permissions to make the topic, but the announcement category has different rules than regular ones.
  • UMMMMMMM i think i broke a rule
  • @jamesish Shhh no one will know
  • Wait, i don't get this, you are making roles? and you have been hear sence 2013, me 2018
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