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New update - Major sound improvements!

edited October 2017 in Announcements
I just deployed an update to fix up the sad sound effect options. Before: ~200 bad sounding effects. Now: ~3000 organized effects (and some music too). I also added a sound browser interface to make it a bit easier to pick sounds now that there are so many.

The sound files have all been moved to Amazon S3 for faster loading, so this will make it a lot easier to add sounds and music in the future, as well as make it possible to support uploading custom sounds (not implemented yet). I'd like to add more music options, but I need to add some sort of attribution system first so that the music credits will be shown along with the game to comply with most Creative Commons licenses.

I also fixed up the Function behavior so that it saves properly when you select something other than "Sine".

As always, let me know if if you have comments, questions, or feedback.

Edit: as I mentioned lower in the thread, the object library panel has been enlarged.


  • edited October 2017
    OH... My.... GAWD

    @grazer this isn’t awesome.... NOT
  • Oooooh
    I never really used the bad sounding effects XD
    Awesome update! Except that it didn't include the descriptions
  • I didn't forget about the descriptions - but this was just an engine update, no website changes :)
  • What? I was just thinking about this earlier today, and it happened. I'll definitely look into this tomorrow. 3000 sounds... Well that's going to help out a lot.

    First thing I want to test is the song delay. The problem for me is when a looping track doesn't seamlessly loop, but has a space, or starts too early and overlaps before finishing. If the music loops properly now, I'm pretty excited about this update.
  • The looping issue is mostly from using .mp3 files - when encoded they typically have a gap due to the way the sample frames are filled. This can be worked around though - I haven't checked the looping on these music clips, but they could be re-encoded if needed to try and eliminate looping gaps.
  • Would you suggest I use a different encoding for music? I could use .wav or .wma, but I really prefer .mp3 .mp4 and .ogg for high quality audio. What does flowlab currently support?
  • I think it’s just mp3
  • Awesome... that will be very useful THXS

    btw as @Mhx Aîr said, there is a problem with music delay
  • So @Mhx Aîr - the only available encoding right now is mp3. Wav files might work, but they're uncompressed, so they're really not good for streaming music.

    @PixelPizza, when you say musical delay I assume you mean gaps when looping? Are you talking about the songs I just added, or music you have linked in?
  • Ooops - I forgot to mention another change in this release: the library window has been enlarged, it shows 16 tiles instead of 9. I may enlarge it again, does anyone have thoughts or opinions on what their ideal size would be (keeping in mind that this needs to work on small screens/chromebooks)?
  • Why not have a “preferences” page where you can adjust those kinds of things? @grazer
  • What else would be in your preferences page?
  • edited October 2017
    Maybe like a page “theme”

    Where you can make the page itself dark instead of light @grazer
  • Oh! Maybe you can manually change your username there too.
  • You just changed your name, why do you want to change it again? As for themes, do you mean Vanilla Forums or Flowlab Editor themes?
  • No no no, not for me, but if other people want to, they don’t bother grazer. And I’m talking about the flowlab editor page.
  • @grazer
    I meant my custom music links (they are mostly from @Eric_Matyas site) and they have like a 3 seconds delay...
    Like I start the level and only a few moments the music plays (happens in boss battles).
    maybe it's just my internet idk

    Oh and yes i like the the new 16 tiles library
  • Might be the site, you could try hosting the song somewhere else. Soundimage might not be good for hotlinking.
  • sometimes it plays in the right time sometimes doesnt....
    can someone just play the tutorial and please tell me if the "horror" music plays when its started.... :dissapointed:
  • edited October 2017
    I won't be home for 9 hours, but I'll check if I remember.
  • I think it's load time. I use a lot of 30-minute loop themes and it takes a crazy lot of time to get them started. So I try not to use them

    But most of @Eric_Matyas 's music is only about two minutes or so...
  • edited October 2017
    I'd consider fading out and repeating manually. If the song is 2:32 long, set a timer for 1500 ticks. I believe 1 tick is 1/10 of a second, 10 ticks 1 sec, 600 ticks 1min, 1500 ticks 2:30. The song will start 2sec early so you'll either get a closed gap or overlap the last 2 seconds. Experiment the amount to get the best results.
  • @PixelPizza I played Awakening, fought and killed both enemies. I didn't hear any music besides the main ambiance. I can't even find the trigger that would start the music, because I don't see any sound behaviors.
  • theres a "music note block" in the bottom or top (out)side of each level @Mhx Aîr

    Sorry for my english
  • Alright, I'll look into it tonight, but no music triggered last night.

    Also, your English is better than that of most people born in the US. I would never have known it wasn't your first language.
  • Thanks for all the help @Mhx Aîr
    that means a lot for me

    So...the music doesn't play.... hmmm i dont know whats wrong :( i think i will delete and put the behaviour again
  • edited October 2017
    @PixelPizza Maybe I'm not getting what you're asking for.
    The tutorial battle with the talk or shoot enemy plays the into battle soundimage music now, but the centaur boss has no music block anywhere that I see.
  • @grazer What did you do with the old sounds? Were they removed or just renamed?
    Also, I want to modify a few sounds, would you be able to email me a 7zip package of all the sound effects in their respective folders? I mostly only need the electric sounds, because I can easily turn those into dubfx for game music.
  • oh yeah...... the centaur boss doesnt have music yet ahah @Mhx Aîr
    sorry about that.... i think everything else haves
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