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Shifter (Pre-Alpha 0.0.009) MUSIC BREAK



  • Wow damnnnn.
    Love it! Very well done. It really fits the game.
    The bubbles are really nice too.

    I actually don't know dnb but I liked the song.
  • Drum and bass is basically faster drumstep, which is dubstep with more drums than bass.
  • Nice tunes, plus liking Hydrocity graphics.
  • Oh Hydrocity was going to be a water test area but it will be deleted and replaced.

    Here's an updated version of the song Shotgun.mp3?dl=0
  • edited April 2018
    Here's an extended version on my soundcloud. That will be up longer than the dropbox version. Embeded for convenience. Try this link in desktop mode if it doesn't work or tries to make you get the app. I hate that most sites force apps on you these days.

  • Got a new spriting program and it's helping me keep to a consistent 16bit palette, giving the game more crisp colors. I'll work on the blending another time, because I'm going to work on grass tiles.

  • edited April 2018
    Wow, I really need to figure out how this program works, because I am very lost.
    It's called Pro Motion NG for anyone interested. Most game devs use it, so I figured I would try it out.
    I have no idea what I'm doing, so I'll watch tutorials tomorrow. My goal is to make 16bit tiles like this.
    This is actually the art style I'm trying to learn. It's just one grade next to AM2R, with a bit of Ristar.
    Still unsure if I want to put in the Ristar 2.5D ground tile effort. It makes the level look less flat.

    image image
  • I checked out Pro Motion NG and it looked very professional and nice.... but the price tho damn.

    Anyway I'm now undecided between aseprite and Pro Motion NG.

    Do you know aseprite?
    If I bought aseprite I wouldn't need piskel and photoshop for this anymore. Using one single program would be very nice
  • I still use a series of drawing tools was what I used for SB1-3 is what I use for making FAUX3D
  • Ok I am trying aseprite now (not paid) and the tools tho D E L I C I O U S
  • edited April 2018
    I may switch to something else, but what I like about NG is the tile mirroring and onion layers. If you make tiles, you usually run into the issue of visible lines where the pixels don't blend. NG wraps and clones similar tiles to save time and forces a palatte. I'm using the free version, because the paid version doesn't have anything I need.
  • Aseprite also has the same features. Mirroring X and Y. Onion layers. Transparency. AND even a super smooth rotation of sprite or selection.

    And the pixel perfect option is pretty useful

    Just started using it today and finished the Main character jumping animation which I was struggling ( and being too lazy) to finish in Photoshop in about a month
  • @PixelPizza
    Is it really that user-friendly? I hate when programs are powerful, but are over complicated, unorganized, and have no tutorial. It's one of the reasons I hate the desktop version of FL Studio 10. I love Mobile FL Studio, even though I don't know how to use it fully yet, it's a much more friendly user interface. If aseprite is as good as you say, I'll give it a try sometime tonight. I've had no luck trying to figure out NG.
  • Well. For me it didn't looked complicated. Its simple. I watched 2 videos and I knew everything so...
    Get it here :!5X5UFTpY!TPeuph8jLijjIipC8B8Vencosq0VGcrySxEFpzhT734
    If you don't to buy it before try it. Just extract and put on a folder.

    And the tutorials (I liked these):

  • Thanks, I'll check it out later.
  • Who gave claus a cap?
  • edited April 2018
    I decided that not everyone likes Drum and Bass, so for every level, there will be different genres of the same song. I could make Drum and Bass, Chillstep, Rock, and Ambient Synthwave Downtempo (an exploration genre like you would find in a Metroid game).

    I'll list them as DnB, C, R, and Exp whenever I make a new one.
    (These are not the final version. I may even pay a professional to remix them.)
    (I actually am not very good at making music, I have played tons of instruments, but have no imagination or rhythm, so most songs get thrown to the side unfinished, because I know it could be better, but I still attempt to make something of my own, even as just a temporary version.)

    Nuclear Shotgun DnB: Shotgun.mp3?dl=0
    Nuclear Shotgun Exp: Shotgun Exp.mp3?dl=0

    I personally really like the vibes of the Exp versions.
    Since my player has perfect loop, I listen to it on loop for hours while doing sprites.
    Just make sure you have good earphones or you will miss the bass and echoes.

    Opinions of both versions are welcome. I'll delete them and reupload newer versions as they are edited, and the final version will have perfect looping in game, with a button to toggle the genre as you play, in case you want to explore instead of speedrun, or whatever fits the mood of your gameplay.

    Also not really sure how I want the grass and ground to look.
    I feel like this is both too much effort and not enough detail. It feels unfinished.
    Maybe it needs grass root vines or something. I have no idea. I'll work on making wrapping tiles and test it.
    Mhx Idle 16bit

    I guess it looks fine. Maybe I'm just being picky. I still need to turn the relic and bubbles to 16bit.

    Decided I'll rebuild Diamondsion Assault in Shifter. I never got to polish DA after all the updates broke it over the years. Even the old title screen animation is gone forever. The wires were terrible. I owe it to myself to rebuild all those levels as sections in Shifter, only a lot bigger, because as you can see, Mhx looks a bit cramped now. (Don't worry, those tiles are all temporary. I just used them from the old V2 engine test, and need to remake them in the new art style.)


  • Just woke up from a Paper Mario type of genre game dream. I have dreams about games all the time. While I can't use most of the dream for my game, it did remind me, grass grows up, not down. Also, dirt exists. Here I am staring at my new grass and stone blocks, annoyed, because now I feel compelled to remake them to have grass grow up, and have dirt instead of stone.
  • Some Grass can grow from cobblestone, as long as there’s cracks touching dirt
  • @CrimsonBlackGames
    Yeah, but thinking on it, I don't want my whole planet comprised of cobblestone and limp grass. I should just use sod and tall grass. I just didn't know how to go from ground to grass.

    This gave me an idea, though.
  • edited April 2018
    Mhx looks cramped right? Why not just double the size of the map so that the maps height compared to his is somewhat the same?
  • Ground to grass huh? Why not draw the roots of the grass scattered into the dirt..
  • @CrimsonBlackGames
    I was going to do both of those.
  • edited May 2018
    Been doing some sketching on my phone. I've gotten much better at art since 2016.



    Here's my current sketch


    I like the uptilted head pose better than downtilt. Also made him look much more adult and intimidating. The idea is that in this game's timeline, Mhx is a 1,000yr old futuristic war machine, a spirit of pure energy, wielding the rawest form of blue white lightning, in a nanocell body. Crystal is the same, but only 700yrs old. Other Tactians are different elements and only 300yrs old. Planet Tactix is a very new planet, only 100yrs old.
  • edited May 2018
    Sketched Crystal behind him like I did in 2016, but better... Well... I mean for a sketch on a phone I feel I did alright. I especially prefer how I changed the poses and arm positions to give it a more dynamic effect.

  • Nice! Did you use a tablet-pen or your finger?

    Honestly, I never get the Mhx Universe history. Did it change every game?
    You never did cutscenes or something that tells the history (as long and I know)
  • edited May 2018

    I have a stylus but it doesnt work that great since I cracked my phone screen, it isn't precise anymore.

    I used to want to do animations, or at least a manga of some sort, but I'm honestly glad I didn't, because my art has been pretty garbage, and slowly getting better and better over the last 8 years 10 years not really sure when I started actually drawing the characters, which is funny because I really honestly never draw or have practice, I don't even have enough time in my schedule to work on my game, so my character can jump and walk. I mean, if you know one punch man, the artist for that is actually a very terrible artist, but his art is so bad, that it looks good, and that works out in Japan, because the story is good, so manga artists draw for him.

    If I were to draw or animate the actual timeline, it's a very long but interesting story. I would love for it to become an anime someday.

    @anyone that might be interested in the storyline

    Most of the story would take place at the time when Mhx was 500 and Crystal was 300. At this point in time, they still live on Earth, as Cyborgs, part human, part machine. Tactix used to be an island country before becoming a planet. The 4 main cities existed on the island before being rebuilt on the planet post-Earth apocalypse.

    There would be flashbacks of when Mhx was 200 and younger and Crystal was still being created, as a genetic experiment and as a robot AI to decide which is superior, technology, or life. She's a happy ball of sunshine with a short attention span and easily angered, very immature. They ended up fusing into one, Crystal the life form with an AI in her mind, eventually syncing together as sort of a 6th sense or a second thought voice, I guess like Deadpool has, but useful. For a long time, the Earth was at various wars, and Mhx was either going to end it, or escape it. They both fought in a global war, then eventually created Tactix the island country. That's where most of the story is around.

    There are further timelines like at Crystal 500 and Mhx 700 where Crystal is killed in the apocalypse, so for Mhx 700-800 he fights through the rapture eventually dying to demons. Eventually Hell consumes Mhx's sanity, and he begins to taunt demons from Hell's prisons, until one finally accepts the challenge. It was a weak demon, and Mhx kills it, ripping out and absorbing its energy. He builds more and more power by chain killing stronger and stronger demons gaining more and more rage. Eventually he finds Crystal and she fears his energy but follows him anyway, where they challenge Ahlekah, basically a buff giant Satan, and shatter open a gate back to Earth and escape Hell. In the ruins of Earth, their souls were able to manifest backup robotic bodies in the Tactix underground bunkers and launch a ship off the planet, never to go back.

    Mhx is now 100 years older than Crystal, but she matured and got a lot more serious from the wars and 100 years in Hell. She became a lot less happy and developed a very powerful focus, from meditation, the only way she kept her sanity at all. From Crystal 500-600 and Mhx 800-900, they roam the universe, taking on aliens and become bounty hunters. At this point, they are using alien technology in their robot bodies having fearsome strength physically, as well as spiritual strength.

    Crystal "develops" nanobot technology on one of the dead planets they explore. Using this technology, they upload the blueprints from old Earth Tactix, and the nanobots start building a planet outside of the galaxies, an exoplanet to be named Planet Tactix. They use the technology to create nanocells, a hybrid nanobot that acts as cells that can form organic type tissue, far more agile and adept than the purely metallic robot bodies and cyborg bodies of the past. They even create new Tactians to live on the planet, and fast forward their aging process by 200 years so they'll actually be useful, unlike how Crystal was when she was first created.

    This Crystal 600 Mhx 900 timeline is where Diamondsion Assault was going to take place, (the game I first worked on in 2013 and now doesn't work really at all. Flowlab was buggy, but it has gotten much better.) Ahlekah seeks revenge, and unleashes his own demon army through portals in attempts to wipe everything out. The game would have ended with Mhx and Crystal using a portal they create from his, to reverse it, go fight him, then banish him to a void of nothingness from another portal.

    Crystal 700 and Mhx 1,000 is where Shifter takes place.

    The story starts as an asteroid crashes into Planet Tactix, and Mhx and Crystal go to investigate it. The asteroid has a glowing aura and upon touching it, it flashes, and they both lose all their powers, the nanocells in their bodies had their memory erased. They have to walk back to their outskirt base and reupload themselves into the checkpoint, in case they get destroyed, the nanocells will respawn a body there.

    Previously I mentioned Crystal "developed" the nanobot technology. Later in the game, you start seeing alien relics and monoliths rise from the ground, and shadow demons arise again. She admits she took the technology from that dead planet. The nanobots rebuilt stuff from their original planet, the ancient civilization that was wiped out. Some of these aliens were ressurected, including the 5 guardians of that planet, that see Mhx and Crystal as enemies. Eventually they learn that the planet was destroyed by a prophesy, and because the nanobots rebuilt Everything, after that 100 years, the prophesy happened again, but to Tactix. Eventually, the void tears open, and giant shadow demons, lovecraftian types, pour out, including Ahlekah, that has been reborn in darkness. Mhx and Crystal team up with the 5 guardians they fought with, because they could not win in the past. Now they fight to save the planet they now share.
  • If Crystal storm became canon to this, I wonder how it would fit in all this, as both Crystal (CS) and Sam would be somewhat involved in their story, even slightly.

    I've never actually come up with a full story before, but i really want to but dont quite ever have the time...

    you know what? IM FINISHING CRYSTAL STORM!
  • edited May 2018
    wait, nope, its a collab game. Cant do it, and No time either
  • @CrimsonBlackGames
    It would have just been cameo from the 100 years they spent travelling the universe. Each planet could be young or very old, so technology could be super advanced, or only swords and potions.

    I'm not really interested in investing too much into anything right now, but if you were to insist on keeping them cameo, use them as NPCs and occasional teammates at various parts, as if there are 2 teams on separate but similar missions and they just keep running into each other. Young planets are a great source of precious metals that have yet to be mined, unlike old planets that have nothing left and rely on technology. It's a good reason for why they would go there in the first place.

    For age scale, being 1,000 years isn't a very big deal. In the Dragon Ball series, Hit in Super is 1,000 while most Gods and Kais are hundreds of thousands or millions of years old. For Goku being on par with Gods and not even being 100 feels like OP garbage and that's why I can't take the powerscaling seriously, because even kids are stronger than most of the Gods. Unlike Dragon Ball and most anime logic, I feel that 1,000 years old is a very good age to be on par with demons and Dark Gods, like Cthulu level bosses. I wouldn't piss all over powerlevels like how Superman sneezed and destroyed a galaxy. Some people just can't powerscale and it completely ruins the characters for me.
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