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Shifter (Pre-Alpha 0.0.009) MUSIC BREAK



  • edited July 2018
    Above I mentioned minigames.
    I decided to take a few of the games I threw away in the past, and use them remade as 8bit microgames, which are also multiplayer. I got the idea to have a TV in the room and you can load up games you unlock and play them on that TV. Here's just a rough test screenshot of Industrial Jungle 8bit next to Vortex 8bit. I've always wanted to remake Vortex, because I was annoyed it broke from lag, so now I have an excuse to, and also I never got to make any levels for Industrial Jungle, so I'll get to do that as well. Working with 8bit in a 32bit block environment like flowlab will be a bit sketchy, but I don't believe it will be too much trouble. Here's the screencap. Eventually the outer wall will be replaced with a TV and shelves with game consoles and games, a lava lamp, whatever I come up with for background design. I may even make the TV smaller so that the games aren't so massively scaled compared to tiny 8bit sprites. That's a thought.

    Don't expect me to work mostly on minigames. It's really just an extra distraction, because sometimes I get burned out on working on the same project, and I know most of you guys do as well. We all like to work on side projects and take breaks, so my breaks and side projects will still be part of the game in the long run. Progress one way or another.

  • Really interesting idea
  • I was thinking my Shifter logo was looking a bit poorly made. I made it about 2 or 3 years ago, not my best work. I decided I will redo it, and give it a few themes for the menu customization. I just redid the H now and it looks a lot sharper, so that's a good start.

  • edited July 2018
    I am part of a dev group on Facebook, and one of them posted about how they use raycast for their wall jumps, which I thought was particularly interesting. I took a gif from their game to show as an example. I'll add this to my game for ledge grabbing.
  • edited July 2018
    Looks amazing! Also the soundtrack is pretty great :D
  • @Mhx Aîr Its been awhile since I used flowlab. I decided that I wanted to be capable of more, which meant I wanted to learn art. Which I took the time to do. Now id love to come back to the platform and hopefully get back to where I was those few years ago when I was mainly active. Here is my latest project with all artwork done by myself, except for music. I'm still learning music theory and will continue to improve until I can create nostalgic sounds that will appeal to all! Anyway, I wanted to come back to create a full fledged game, one with hours of play, a deep story, animated cutscenes, and a unique gameplay style. No clue if its been done yet, but this platform surely deserves a name next to other programs like RPG Maker!
  • @leonknighte, @Mhx Aîr hasn't been on the forums in a very long time.
  • @Johnny boy that sucks to hear. Wonder what happened
  • @leonknighte
    Why I'm never really online:

    Mostly work and life taking all my free time. I bought an Xbox one a few months ago and have barely used it either. Sometimes I think about spending some free time on Flowlab, but I only get 1 day off work a week and I spend it doing errand adult stuff I don't have time to do the rest of the week, like clean my car and house, shopping, car maintenance, haircut, bank, gym, etc. If I have any free time, I usually spend it at the gym or something, but I have done something recently.

    I did make this last night though. Only had an hour, so it's nothing special.
  • @Mhx Aîr I understand that, its been the same for me. On top of my main job, I also do freelance art. However, art is what I want full time. You definitely have a big talent. I was hoping you'd get the chance to check out the new game if you ever had the time. Speaking of time, have you thought of a collaboration or a team to aid in a games development?
  • @leonknighte I have a few people asking me to look at their games, so if I can get online tonight, I'll look them over. As for collab teams, I was part of a PSP hacking homebrew team maybe 10 years ago, and even recently with users on Flowlab, I've tried co-op game making. The thing is, free time and interest in the project eventually run out. I've had dozens of games canned over the years, because they didn't get even half finished. I've basically been remaking my game for 15+ years, and I'm glad I never finished it, because every year I have better ideas for it, but even less time.

    You said you're a freelance artist? What type of art? Do you have a webfolder or portfolio page?
  • edited May 2019
    @Mhx Aîr I'm pretty knew to freelance but I've managed to work with a magazine and game studio for a bit. Which was an incredible experience. As for some of my work I'll try to upload them into a web folder, I dont have much up yet, just some scrapped peices for concepts from some older contracts. Also have a few sound clips from 8 bit music I've done, not nearly as good as yours, but I'm in the process of learning basic music theory.
  • edited May 2019
    I'm gonna get on my laptop for an hour or two and post some stuff. Also, if you have a discord, you can join my discord room for the long time Flowlab users. Message me if you're interested in that.
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