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The Graveyard

edited November 2017 in Play My Game
A halloween game! Skeletons try to kill you, so shoot at them. Try to survive as long as possible and beat your highscore!
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  • It's nice. I like the menu and all
  • Thanks! I actually want more game play ideas, but I can't imagine more than graves and flying boxes.
  • Spoopy ghosts, zombies, stuff like that. Ghosts won't die from shots but disappear after a bit, zombies have a chance to get back up after dying.
  • btw this game remembered me "Slayin"
    I love that game
  • Now there's a small chance a skeleton with a gun comes out of a grave. It shoots only once, then acts like a normal skeleton (but it walks slower).

    The ghost idea is pretty cool. Zombies would be a bit annoying I think.

    I was also thinking about a skeleton with a bomb and it explodes when you kill the skeleton. Or it could just drop the bomb near you and run away.
  • For the zombies, when it hits 0, filter to have it play a dead animation, and random 0-1. If it randoms 0, filter destroy, if it filters 1, animation get back up, set health 50%.
  • All enemies die by one shot :p
  • Well that takes away the challenge doesn't it? The cool thing about skeletons is that you could have a chance meter for a broken leg, so if the leg breaks, it loses speed and has to jump on one leg, or both legs break and has to crawl, or shoot off the head and it walks back and forth aimlessly. There's so much you can do with it.
  • Very nice work Latif - you guys are really on point this week, I keep seeing really nice looking stuff show up!
  • Added the bomb skeleton! Also increased the chance a gun/bomb skeleton comes out of a grave and decreased max speed of grave spawning.

    The bomb skeleton runs really fast and tries to drop a bomb near you. Then runs away and the bomb explodes. When you shoot him before he's near you he drops his bomb immediately and dies.

    I'm not sure about giving skeletons health. I think the game play like this is already good.
  • I think the gameplay like this is already good too....

    If u want to do an Skeleton with more health what about doing.....

  • Hmm interesting...
  • Sure. The giant skeleton usually uses punches to kill the player and drops a huge bomb when he dies that instantly wipes out a majority of his life. :)
  • Oh yes let's copy everything from clash royale, let's be original! Balloons which drop bombs from the sky, a giant skeletons which drops a huge bomb when he dies, guard skeletons with a shield so they have 2 lives, a witch which summons skeletons, a skeleton which throws with bombs.

    Wait a second.. These are AMAZING ideas!
  • And a barrel that drops skeletons from the sky!
  • edited November 2017
    Lol there's already a flying skeleton box :p

    By the way, I've added the guard skeleton!

    Guard skeletons have a shield which have 3 hitpoints. When the shield breaks you have to kill the skeleton which has 1 hitpoint.
  • Also increased gravity so you jump faster now
  • Uhh nice

    Btw I think if you are really working on this game you could changue the theme so the game wouldn't be just an Halloween game. or you could just keep it it's cool anyway
  • Well I made it in halloween so why not
  • Ok i just played it. I only played the first versions of it and came out this is really nice. Well done.
  • Wowoow I think you played with the balloon. It isn't supposed to be there, I was still working on it.

    @grazer And this is the annoying thing about flowlab, there's isn't something like a publish button. If flowlab comes out of beta you should really do something about this..
  • There is a "Don't display in games list" button already, but that's only available for subscribers.
  • edited December 2017
    People will still be able to play the game with a link, they can easily find it here. And I actually don't want people unable to play my game when I'm updating it.
  • Finally did something with the art! :smiley: I've always been disliking it.


    The gray look is really nice in my opinion, and the 3D ground is cool. I made all art myself. The only things I copied from the internet were the trees, because these were very hard to make :(

    I appreciate feedback!
  • Very good game.

    For an update, I suggest you adding some wolfes that will chew the skeletons the player killed, and then attack the player if there is no more bones around him.
  • Thanks :)

    I think the game is already hard enough but the idea is nice.

    Also updated the game a bit:
    * Skeletons have arms now (yeah idk why I didn't draw them)
    * A fade transition when you die or click play
    * You can skip the "The zombies are coming..." thing by clicking anywhere on the game

    @CrimsonBlackGames Seems like you are hating this game so much so you decided not to comment lol, or idk why do you ignore this topic :c
  • Come to think of it, my defend-against-drones is quite similar to this one, lol :)
  • I thought the same when I was playing your game.
  • edited December 2017
    Okay so I added some kind of currency in the game, bones. But I haven't made a shop yet.

    Normal skeletons have 50% chance to drop a bone upon death, special skeletons have 100%.

    I won't add different weapons in the shop because that would make the game easier to get a higher score. So I'm thinking about making characters. Not sure if it encourages people to keep playing my game. If you have a better idea (which doesn't affect the game play) please tell me :)
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