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The Graveyard



  • edited December 2017
    wow nevermind ignore this post
  • I acknowledge the existence of this game
  • @CrimsonBlackGames and now your opinion :smiley:

    I've created a shop with 9 new characters. You can't buy them yet (prices aren't correct too), but I just want to show it :)

    If you have any ideas for new characters. Feel free to comment.

    I J U S T W A N T T H I S G A M E T O G E T F E A T U R E D ! I W I L L D O E V E R Y T H I N G F O R T H A T
  • Should I make the game easier? It's pretty easy to me to reach 100, but I'm wondering what you guys get on average.
  • I’m taking a break from flowlab right now, but I’ll get back to it in about a week
  • I care a lot :)
  • Wow my brother was just cheating in my game and gave himself lots of bones (the currency). Nice grazer everyone is having fun.
  • Added a very "shocking" update.

    * The electric skeleton! When you scare him with your bullets, he teleports behind you, but he can only do it once.
    * Balloons! They drop bombs from the sky but they don't follow you. They just go from one side to the other.
    * Added 3 new characters: santa, witch and fireman.

    So when do I get this game featured? Or should I add more cool stuff? hehehhehe
  • This is a really polished game, I'll add it as the next featured game. My original plan was to try and add a new one each week.
  • Yay! Thank you :)
  • The sequel of the "shocking" update!

    * Lightning! You'll first be warned with an alert icon in the sky, then the lightning strike comes.

    In the next update I'll add a boss, guess what it is.
  • Looks like you got some SB3 in ya ;)
  • There's lightning in SB3??
  • When you collect a fake life or the eyeball boss spawns
  • Oooohh yeah that.
  • edited December 2017
    I now also acknowledge the existence of this game. At first I didn't really care for it, but now it's REALLY good. I see you even added the skeletons that get back up like I said back when you started. For some reason I can't jump when walking left and holding spacebar. Might be a game bug, might be a keyboard bug. Sometimes computers key lock when certain keys are pressed. 99% of computers ghost up+left+space, so I would suggest you switch your keys around in the game.

    Also, your description says space is jump and down is mega, which is not true. It seems S is also mega and space is normal shoot, while up is jump. I would recommend D to normal shoot and S for mega. This way, everyone with a laptop can jump left while shooting. It's a very common issue with garbage lazy keyboard companies, even if your laptop or computer is expensive.

    I also have no idea when I have a mega bullet, I didn't notice a GUI icon for it.
    I noticed that when you die in normal bones mode, you respawn in rapid mode. That should be fixed.

    Very nice game. Fix the bugs, and I'll favorite it. It deserves the next flowlab spotlight star.
  • Lmao sorry for those bugs.

    By the way, you can change the controls to WASD, which fixes the keyboard issue, in the mode select screen by clicking on the button in the bottom-left. The new controls will be A and D to run, W to jump, S for mega bullet and space to shoot. I think arrow keys with D to shoot and S for a mega bullet is a good idea.

    I should also fix the description lol

    And you can only use the mega bullet once per game. I should actually make something in the user interface to know if you have it. You can press down or S to shoot it.

    Thanks for your comment :D
  • You could add a bomb that you could buy in the shop... also can you make it so its space bar to shoot I don't like to use Z
  • @Bestotted_Puppy I don't want to add things in the shop which affect the game play. Because the highscore should show how good you are at the game.

    A lot of keyboards can't press left, up and space at the same time. So that's why I changed it to the Z key. If you really want to play with space, change the controls to WASD. Also, you didn't give a good reason why you want to use space.
  • I don't like the way I have to put my hands on the keyboard I recommend switching to WAD controls and J to shoot. But you could add a differt lvl that would have a few differt controls you could switch to.
  • Huh? Just deal with it..

    New update:
    * Added the giant skeleton, it's a boss with 25 hitpoints and it spawns when you have 50 score. Save your mega bullet for it because it's much harder to beat the boss without it and you'll get it back after killing it.
  • @grazer I thought you were going to feature it
  • @Mhx Aîr Are you able to feature it too? I fixed the bugs btw :p
  • Hey @Latif3 - It's featured at the top of the games list now :)

    I hadn't played it in a little while, and it's even more polished now - fantastic work! It's really fun to play, and the extra polish really sets it apart.
  • Oh thanks grazer :D
  • I just got the Santa mode for 120 bones, and this is me right now:

  • People open the editor and give themselves a lot of bones. This is me right now:

  • When I open the editor, it says "saving is locked". I don't see how they would affect bone count. I did notice the E to swap characters in game, so I've been playing as Chad (the blonde buff guy with the hat and shades).
  • Oops.. E shouldn't swap characters. I was testing stuff with characters, but forgot to remove the keyboard trigger.

    And the save lock doesn't matter, all changes you make are there until you refresh the page (and when you restart the level, not sure). So people can simply do this:

    Once > Number(9999) > Save("bones")

    And they are done!
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