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The Graveyard



  • Fixed the E thing btw lol

    Oh also, everyone, buy the santa character. After christmas the price will be 600 instead of 120. You can't miss such sale :p
  • I only seem to get one bone per round, unless you fixed that.
  • edited December 2017
    nvm, I see what you mean, and you did fix it. I get tons of bones now, and Santa is sicc and thicc :+1:
  • please can you help me. What do you do for random spawn?
  • edited December 2017
    Probably a timer to a random number generator with a large pixel range across the level, since they don't bind to the grid, then that random number goes to an X on a position.

    I'm somewhat curious myself now, but a random position and a filtered random type spawn seems the most obvious answer to me. It could be using the new spawn behavior as the positioner. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet.
  • Christmas sale is over. Santa costs 600 bones now.
  • That sucks your game is cool
  • I got santa right before the end of the sale.

    NOW, I can say I am lucky.
  • Hello Latif3. I am new to the site. I am working on a community film project called "Blood Alley" in Ohio. We are working on the site and would like to add a blood alley online game to the site. Again this is a community project so most aspects are on a volunteer basis. However your graveyard game is a great basis for the film as it is a zombie film. I have tried to learn from your creation but I thought I would message you directly and see if you would be interested in tweeking a version of your graveyard game to make a simple blood alley game. Only the title the background image and a few characters to match the film would be required. A lot of people would really get a kick out of it and your game is fun and fits perfectly. Please check your messages for contact info...again great game!
  • @grazer Clone my game?? :grimace:
  • edited December 2017
    @Latif3 do it yourself- there’s a clone option now
  • Will you be getting paid?
  • @CrimsonBlackGames free acc

    @Mhx Aîr I don't know, I never did things like this lol.
  • We will give you full credit in the movie and the website for your participation. This project involves over 100 volunteers including local writers, comedians, makeup artists, artists, cinematographers, actors, producers, musicians,city officials and lots of zombie extras. The film will premiere in Chillicothe, Ohio April (Friday the 13th) 2018 in an effort to raise funds and awareness for local causes. It will look great on everyone's resume. I hope to hear from you soon.
  • Might be good publicity for flowlab if you can get @grazer to do it.
  • @Latif3 - if you do decide you want to clone your game, let me know and I'll clone it for you.
  • @grazer can you do it now? :p
  • @grazer By the way, you're in the flowlab discord server but you're never online. If you install discord (only for windows. I think you have mac, right?), it will open when you start up your computer. Or just make discord as start page in your browser.
  • I cloned it.
  • image

    Background image.
  • I can't see that image
  • This really shows what FlowLab can do.
  • That's really true :p
  • @grazer Sometimes when I press up twice very quickly the player will make a double jump, but that's not supposed to happen :(
  • I can't get him to double jump - is there a special trick?
  • so is it possible to clone other peoples games then ? so if i like a idea of someone elses game i can clone it then reskin the graphics and make it my game is that possible on here then lads?
  • @grazer just spam up while walking left or right.
    I think it's something to do with your filter =1, but I am unsure.
    I don't know what the purpose of that filter is.
  • edited January 2018
    @grazer It doesn't always work. It sometimes happens when pressing up twice really quickly. It's like there's a short delay when turning the switch off or sending the out output of the velocity behavior, because that output connects 'off' in the switch. I'm going to try linking 'out' in the switch to 'off' since you made that new feature, maybe that fixes the delay.

    @Al Brooks You can only clone your own game. If you have a premium account you can do it yourself. If you have a free account you have to request it. Also, copying someone else's game and making it your own sounds very unfair. Savage!

    @Mhx Aîr When I first started the game I thought about making a double jump effect so that's why I made that filter. Some time later I scrapped the idea because it's pretty useless and you could hit the enemies in the sky.
  • I didn't have a lot of time to look at it, but it seems like pressing up makes it go to one, and sometimes two, but I did not see what made it go back to zero, so something is resetting the number to zero while you are still in the air, rather than collision with the ground, or whatever you were having reset it back to zero intentionally. If equals to one makes you jump, and something is resending it mid-air, then you need to stop that object Behavior from doing so, so you can only jump again once you touch the ground. Collision ground should be the only thing resetting the number to 0.
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