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The Graveyard



  • edited January 8
    The camera isn't working :(
  • I can't see that image
  • @Latif3 I can, and it's a video
  • Oh now I can see it.

    I didn't even touch the behaviors so I don't know how this happened. I'm going to take a look.
  • Hey @Latif3 - it looks like the issue is the check to see if the player's y position is equal to 148 before turning on the camera. I'm not sure what that logic is supposed to do, so it's hard to determine what the issue is.
  • This game is really great. I especially enjoyed the background. I am so for making characters. It would make the game greater than it already is!
  • Planning on adding tons of stuff from other games and making it float in space in my game I added the grave from your game :D.
  • Anyone else think saving needs some fixing on you can edit saving in and it'll save anything.
  • I have requested hiding the editor button for other users tons of times, but @grazer isn't listening. This is one one of the most wanted features in flowlab.

    @grazer When people make a game they almost never include the source code with it. Why is it "required" in flowlab? I mean, it really pisses me off when people cheat my game. It's okay if people look at my code to learn stuff, but editing it goes too far.
  • edited January 15
    I don't really care if people cheat using the editor. I mostly make games for satisfaction
  • @Latif3 I asked him for that but he made a “Hide from list”

    But it’s only for subscribers
  • @Latif3 I think the editor is fine but I think saves should be disabled so they will not have any coins but when they refresh they have there coins back.
  • edited February 8
    @latif3 I may have solution to the problem where people use the save to get a ton of coins bones. Make the save save how many coins bones the player had 5 secounds ago will be subtracted by the amount you gain. If this amount is anymore than 1 the game will reset your progress. You can hide this somewhere the cheater won't think just to give the cheater a hard time trying to cheat.
  • edited February 8
    Time wasting, editing behaviors just shouldn't be possible. I won't update this game anymore because I feel it's not worth it, and tweaking the game play is annoying with flowlab.

    Last update: Reduced prices of all characters.

    If there are bugs I will fix them of course
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