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The Graveyard



  • The lightning/bomb have a proximity and when the player is inside the circle it will send a message to the player to die. With the skeletons I can't send a message to every skeleton in the circle.
  • Yes you can.
    Make the skeletons have a proximity if it detects activates a switch
  • Dat won’t work. No collisions

    However, why not just have the marker spawn the lightning at it’s position?

    Same goes for the bombs explosion, have collisions for the explosions
  • @PixelPizza I don't really understand what you mean but the only way to do this is by making new objects. The bomb and explosion is one object. So if a skeleton has a proximity and detects a bomb I can't check if the bomb is exploding or not. Same with lightning and its warning.

    @CrimsonBlackGames Already explained that in an earlier post. I'm afraid from breaking the game. It's also just boring work for such a really simple thing. So I will try when I'm bored.

    Almost hit the object limit too but fortunately there's some space left for two more objects. :)
  • You could save a ton of objects if you just put all of your skeleton code into bundles into the same object that chooses which version with a random. You'd have to redo all the animations though, but all skeletons but the boss would be one object filled with bundles for each type.
  • @Mhx Aîr I wish I've done that. Would be easier to adjust something to all skeletons. But that's just a lot of work for nothing because the game's already done. I will only make that explosion and lightning thing.

    In godot I have more freedom and there are more features. Still learning how it all works but I already have a player with nice physics which can shoot. Also made the default skeleton but I don't know how to spawn them yet. Same with graves. I will share it here when I think it's good enough. :) It will be a really simple game though, the flowlab version is much better.
  • Added particles when skeleton boxes fall, skeletons get hit and bombs explode.

  • So much for the final update, huh?
  • what do you mean?
  • Guess he figured because you said you were done updating the game and porting it to another program.
  • I had taken a screenshot earlier of what I was referencing to, but it wouldn’t let me upload it
  • Yup, by far this is probably my favorite game on Flowlab. LOVE IT!!! (: (: (:
  • edited June 2018
    @CrimsonBlackGames That video is the game in flowlab. Didn't you see the link below the video?

    By the way, there's still no actual game play in the new game. I planned to work on it when school's over (and that's in July :frown:). So for the time being I keep making small updates for this game.

    Also, the new game will look way different than the current one. It would be incredible if I could exactly recreate this game in another engine with the same physics.

    @browngr Woah thanks, really appreciate that :D
  • @Latif3 - the new particle effects look great, they're a big improvement.
  • Man this game's addictive!
  • Yup, happy to support. Especially seeing others create such astounding engines, it's just mind-blowing... O: (;
  • Hey Latif3? I have a suggestion because I suck at your game, but can you add difficulties to the game if you can figure that out? Because I think that'd be really cool. And don't think that I'm making you do this... I'm just making a suggestion...
  • @Latif3 I lost my Robot character please help
  • I'll just take a quick guess that the losing of the robot is a bug... I have almost all of the characters and I haven't lost one...
  • Maybe you weren't signed in when you were playing or something?
  • @Mhx Aîr save data is stored on browser cookies, not actual flowlab accounts
  • edited June 2018
    @CrimsonBlackGames Well... hm... Incognito doesn't save cookies.
    Idk, that's weird. I don't believe I lost anything, and I don't see a way to undo a purchase.
    Maybe they accidentally hit delete progress? Only thing I can see to do it.
  • @browngr It actually increases difficulty though. So I think adding something like difficulties is not what you mean, but making a mode where the difficulty increases slower than it's right now. I'll find out how I can implement this.

    I'm wondering what your score is. If your score is somewhere 25 you should be ok at the game. At somewhere 50 you just good at the game. At 100 you are a pro.

    @Classic Productions Your browser caused this. I can't do anything about it but you can give it yourself by opening the editor. In the object "Buy" you have to add this once block and connect it to the number, so it sets the "c7" (it means "character 7" if you're wondering) property to 1. 0 means you don't have it, 1 means you have it:

    So this means you can do it with every character you want :tongue: It's cheating though.
  • edited June 2018
    @Latif3 Thanks for telling me, i'm gonna try to earn all my characters in the graveyard, also would about using bones for buying different terrains. Edit: just looked at my game all my characters and bones are back, I think I did not have them because i was playing on a different laptop
  • edited June 2018
    There's your problem. You were on a different computer. That's like playing a game on someone else's console, you wouldn't have the save data.
  • I've got 50 exactly. But that's only because I play A LOT. So, not too good, but I play frequently. And okay! I actually kind of figured harder throughout the game, but I was just wondering yeah, in the case that it would get harder at a slower pace.
  • edited June 2018
    I only ever make it maybe a couple minutes longer than the first boss. I honestly don't even know if there's a second boss. If there was a Casual mode that had three lives, and you would get a life after every boss, I could see that being one of the most played options, especially if you added a second and third boss. I would suggest something for the second boss like a hot air balloon skeleton boss fight, and I don't really know what you would want to do with the third boss, but it's an idea. I know you said you were done with the game, but you don't have to be. I believe you mentioned that you were out of objects, and that's why you stopped, but theoretically you could use the same object for every single object in a game. I believe I mentioned it before, but you could have had every single enemy just be different Behavior bundles in one object.
  • Isn’t my avatar in the game?!

    I aught to put a skeleton as one of the playable skins in sb3
  • @Classic Productions Ah, good to know you didn't lose anything. I hope it stays like that.

    @browngr That's actually not bad. :tongue:

    @Mhx Aîr There's only one boss which comes at 75 score. It's just a bigger and slower skeleton with 20HP. Your Casual mode idea is actually not bad. Is it a good idea if I just implement this in every mode? I think it will make the game more fun and easier for everyone. Just not sure about getting a new life when defeating a boss. If it's like that I'm pretty sure I would never lose.

    Also, I have never expected this game to become so big. I just wanted to create a simple arcade game for halloween so I didn't mind about the amount of objects (still didn't hit the limit though). The reason why I "wanted" to stop is because I am working on a remake of this game in godot engine. But I'm still a noob and I just need to get more experience with it. I think it's okay to update this game while working on the new game, right?

    @CrimsonBlackGames Yeah there's crimson black character. I made it myself so the style still fits in the game. Skeleton ship would be niec.
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