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The Graveyard



  • The lightning/bomb have a proximity and when the player is inside the circle it will send a message to the player to die. With the skeletons I can't send a message to every skeleton in the circle.
  • Yes you can.
    Make the skeletons have a proximity if it detects activates a switch
  • Dat won’t work. No collisions

    However, why not just have the marker spawn the lightning at it’s position?

    Same goes for the bombs explosion, have collisions for the explosions
  • @PixelPizza I don't really understand what you mean but the only way to do this is by making new objects. The bomb and explosion is one object. So if a skeleton has a proximity and detects a bomb I can't check if the bomb is exploding or not. Same with lightning and its warning.

    @CrimsonBlackGames Already explained that in an earlier post. I'm afraid from breaking the game. It's also just boring work for such a really simple thing. So I will try when I'm bored.

    Almost hit the object limit too but fortunately there's some space left for two more objects. :)
  • You could save a ton of objects if you just put all of your skeleton code into bundles into the same object that chooses which version with a random. You'd have to redo all the animations though, but all skeletons but the boss would be one object filled with bundles for each type.
  • @Mhx Aîr I wish I've done that. Would be easier to adjust something to all skeletons. But that's just a lot of work for nothing because the game's already done. I will only make that explosion and lightning thing.

    In godot I have more freedom and there are more features. Still learning how it all works but I already have a player with nice physics which can shoot. Also made the default skeleton but I don't know how to spawn them yet. Same with graves. I will share it here when I think it's good enough. :) It will be a really simple game though, the flowlab version is much better.
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