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Starting a story mode for FB.IO 2

edited November 2017 in Game Design
It seemed like everyone else in Flowlab had a big project going on except me (Awakening, Starblast, Shifter)... so I thought, "Well, why not go for a storyline in"
So I began making it, and it's started off pretty well. Since it's a platformer, I can use some of the tutorial sprites instead of making everything from scratch. Although the inkscape spriting takes up a lot of time, it's not that bad overall.
I have a general idea for the story line, of course... but it's nothing too spontaneous or crazy. Also, I'm thinking of doing a couple of flat 3D-ish cutscenes by messing around with size and position, but I'm pretty sure it won't work out as good as I'd hope.
Anyway, the story starts out in a village, where the player's doing casual stuff and learning about how to play the game.

The part I'm gonna be working on right now (or later, if I can't think of anything) is the rest of the progress that happens in the village, then a calamity that consequently destroys it. Everyone will be forced to escape through a secret passage...
I'm thinking of invaders coming in with planes to drop missiles, but if anyone else has any better ideas, I'm all ears. Also help/advice on making cutscenes would be greatly appreciated...
*Currently the levels aren't accessible through playing, only through the editor

And yes, I did use some tutorial sprites because I was too lazy to make everything.


  • What's the theme? What era is it?

    Starblast is arcade, no specific era
    Awakening is mythological RPG about 2700 years ago
    Shifter is astral sci-fi about 1000 years in the future

    What's yours?
  • Mine is more of an 80s era...but not enough to revolve around it
  • @CrimsonBlackGames I meant like if the game had a story mode, what year the ship pilot would be in.
  • Oh, well SB3 has no timeline, so that means no era whatsoever then. Lolz
  • Probably around 2500, when most of the Earth would've probably been destroyed. Technology steps back to the 1800's... stuff like that.
  • Things are actually still going pretty well, even the first cutscene (even though the explosion could be a bit better). Some more new stuff, in screen captures:

    What's happening is that one day, the protagonist is wandering around the village, listening to the tutorial guy on how to survive long journeys to the outside world, when suddenly a nuclear bomb drops and destroys a big chunk of the village, along with a lot of the player's life.
    Then he has to jump over the burning people running around and crying for help, because there's nothing you can do to help them... while not setting fire to yourself, too. (Although you're technically a "fireball", let's just call that a name). Make your way over to the secret passage to go to the next screen.

  • @grazer there's another bug in the game...
    Considering "go to" animations

    1. The Life bar at the top right corner is supposed to deplete every time it receives the message "Hello"
    2. It works on the first level like it's supposed to.
    3. Because it uses "keep between levels", it stays in each level... but while its last animation frame from the previous level stays, it never goes down when it receives "Hello". It just freezes in that frame.
  • Sounds interesting, unfortunately I don't have time to check that out tonight. Maybe tomorrow night after I make the bugtest for grazer
  • I'll look into this go to frame animation problem. If it shows up reliably it shouldn't be too big of a deal to fix. Thanks for reporting it!
  • edited November 2017
    Thank you :D

  • edited November 2017
    I made another scene today, where the survivors are going through the escape tunnel. The NPCs are usually quite functional, made with simple logic.
    I apologize if the transitions and storyline is going by too quickly-- but I want to get things done first, then I'll come back and make some connections that won't make everything fell rapid.
    -3rd screen
    You, Water, and Lightning are running along the escape tunnel and making your way to where the spaceships are. However, some of your enemies have followed you, and the mayor decides to sacrifice himself so you can live. The scene ends with the enemies killing him.
  • @grazer was the keep-between-levels behavior fixed yet?
    Now that I think of it, I think it's the messaging that doesn't work, not the animation itself. The bar that's kept between levels doesn't receive any messages after the first level it's in.
  • @Luminous - no, I haven't investigated that one yet. I need to set up a simple test to reproduce it so I can track it down. You think it's a problem with messages, not the animation? That kind of makes more sense.
  • edited November 2017
    @grazer I made a really lazy (lol) example here:

    turns out it was the message that wasn't getting through.
    If you test it in the editor, however, it'll work fine because it's the only level that the editor's testing.
    You have to start from the first level then go to the next level while playing to trigger the bug
  • Thanks for putting that example together! That's super helpful to understand what's going on. I'll check it out tonight and let you know what I find :)
  • I don't really have a big project lol
  • Hey @Luminous - thanks for helping me track that down. It's fixed with the latest deploy. Let me know if you have more issues.
  • edited December 2017
    Great, thanks @grazer

    @latif3 mostly everyone. Lol
  • I added a new update today. I haven't progressed on the story, but:
    -All of the scroll dialogues have changed to a more natural style.
    -The scroll itself has become more cartoon-ish.
    -The title screen has changed
    -The nuclear bomb on the first level does less damage, but enemy planes have been added to the second level, which drop explosive bombs that take out some of your life. (There's no "Game over" yet) The panicky citizens have become slightly slower.
    -The game is now playable from the title screen; go through the metal door to start story mode.
    Play test it here:
  • Wow, this game feels pretty epic already - I hope you keep building on it :)
  • This is really well done! Awesome! Wow
  • Hmmm Wish I could make a game like this but My mother won't get me du upgrade she says she doesn't want to do payments every month... ;(
  • Ahem every year ahem
  • Lol

    Thanks everyone! :D
  • @Bestotted_Puppy - Every year is more convenient and much cheaper, just saying :)
  • edited December 2017
    Still $60 that would hurt....
  • edited December 2017
    To be honest, the reason I haven't been progressing was because my brain is can't think of, or decide on, an event that happens after the escape. All the ideas I had, now they seem really cheesy.
    It took me hours to just create the whole "wasteland", and I'm not proud of what I came up with...
    though all the previous designs were even worse.
    It's a windy atmosphere; you move back when you don't give any commands, you go much faster when going left and slower when going right. I figured that since I couldn't come up with the next scenes, I might as well start preparing the mechanics.

    ANY IDEAS OR DIALOGUES? I may really need them right now... :astonished:
    *Man, I even got the gradient directions wrong... lol
  • This is giving me a 2D Journey vibe from that picture.
  • @grazer there's a really freaky bug that's messing with level 1...
    -When you first open the level:
    Okay, the mountains are in front of the houses. Maybe that's a background disorder.
    But for the part of the mountain and house that's hanging off the screen:
    스크린샷(34) it's not supposed to be there.

    After going back to the editor, then playing again:

    If I go to the fireball's behaviors then click scroll view, everything works fine again... but if refreshed, same problem. There's no double-scroll view or anything in the player behavior.
    If it's a bug, please fix it, or if there's something I don't know that I did, can you fill me in?

    -The bug started when I started the 4th level, I think. I didn't use the same fireball for it though... can't figure it out
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