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New update - some fixes mostly behind the scenes

edited December 2017 in Announcements
I just deployed a new update to the site and editor. There were a bunch of changes, but many of them will not be readily visible. The most visible update changes the behavior of the "Last Updated" attribute on games so that it explicitly tracks game edits (before, it was triggered by any change to the game, including updating the play or like count).

I also tweaked the image caching behavior to make it much smarter, which improves overall game loading speed, especially after the first time you play it.

In addition, there were some minor tweaks that reduce the number of redundant saves happening, so saving is slightly faster, but most folks won't notice since that happens in the background.


  • Great stuff. So many patches this week. That Last Updated one bugged me a lot in particular. Now I can actually tell when people have been working on a game.
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